A frequent mistake regarding SM Entertainment’s music video has been made again, and SuperM‘s upcoming song ‘Tiger Inside’ is the latest victim.


SM Entertainment plans to release the music video for ‘Tiger Inside’, the title track of the first full-length album of their project group SuperM, targeting the global market, at 1 PM KST on September 1.

However, at 1 AM KST, in the morning of September 1, they uploaded the music video early on their official channel.

Although it was immediately removed after that, some scenes and spoilers in the music video are already being spread in the online community. Fans are now angry that the release of the music video has been ridiculously ruined due to a silly yet happen-so-often mistake.

Netizens’ comments include:

  • “What’s wrong with SM nowadays?”
  • “Is there anyone working at SM? They released many MV late, and now they leaked an MV early?”
  • “No, I’m not even a fan, but I’m shocked.”

The responses came as SM has been making similar mistakes multiple times in the past. Most recently, SNSD Hyoyeon‘s solo comeback song ‘Dessert’ was not uploaded at the set time, drawing complaints from fans, and SM had to apologize for delaying the release of the MV.