3 Most Impressive Music Videos Of TWICE Chosen By Korean Netizens

3 Most Impressive Music Videos Of TWICE Chosen By Korean Netizens

After 5 years of debut, TWICE has had many quality music products, leaving a strong impression on the public and fans. For both South Korea and Japan, TWICE has released more than 30 music videos. Each MV with its own story, style and color helps to convey more vividly the messages in TWICE's songs.


Of course, out of the many MVs that the JYP girls have released in the past 5 years, there are some MVs that are loved by the public more than the others. On an online forum in Korea recently, netizens had a heated discussion about the 3 MVs of TWICE that they were most impressed with. OP's choice includes the following MV:

"What is Love?" (2018)


"Cheer Up" (2016)


"TT" (2016)


The above 3 MVs were chosen because netizens think that they have shown each member's individuality very well. In addition, each member also has the right amount of screen time and "What is Love?", "Cheer Up" and "TT" have better colors than the rest of the group released.

There is another thing in common between these 3 MVs: they were all produced by the same company - Naive Creative Production. In fact, JYP Entertainment is known for regularly collaborating with Naive to produce music videos for their artists. This makes many ONCE (TWICE's fandom) dissatisfied because many ONCEs don't like this production company for many different reasons. Most recently, the MV for 'More & More' released in June brought TWICE unnecessary troubles as a scene was accused of "plagiarizing" a foreign artist's work. Although Naive and JYP have negotiated with this artist, the incident was bad enough to have a negative impact on TWICE's image and reputation.


There were mixed opinions given below the post about the 3 most impressive TWICE's MVs. While many people agree with OP, others suggest their own choices.

  • "Didn't the fans complain a lot about Jihyo not having her screen time in the MV 'Cheer Up'? Am I mistaken?"
  • "I completely agree with your reason that these MVs show each member's individuality well, but I think it's because the members have successfully shown their own characteristics. The footage and the colors of the MV look so bleak, what should I say…? Their MV is nothing new. I don't hate TWICE. I really like TWICE. I just don't think their MVs are good… "
  • "I like 'Dance The Night Away' more…"


  • "I really like 'Cheer Up' and 'TT'. 'What is Love' has nothing special to me at all."
  • "'What is Love?' (2018), 'Cheer Up' (2016), 'TT' (2016). These are all their old MVs. Their new music videos look very outdated, not to mention their low volume and plagiarism accusation. The group went to Okinawa to shoot the MV 'Dance The Night Away', and look at what the company did with the colors of the MV..."
  • "Where's 'Signal'? Personally, I like these 3 music videos and 'Signal' most,"
  • "Except 'Cheer Up', I personally think that the MVs listed here look dull… I can understand why the MV for 'TT' is what it is, because that's the song's concept, but the other MVs are just… very boring "
  • "There is an outdated and childish feeling that the company always tries to maintain in TWICE's MV. Personally, I think that if it weren't for the MVs, TWICE would do better."
  • "I agree, it's not Naive that makes bad music videos. My bias also worked with Naive a few times and I like the results."

Which are your favorite TWICE music videos?