Stray Kids have completed a pictorial for fashion magazine Singles Korea, in which they captivate fans’ hearts with their clear charisma.


Stray Kids, who is making a comeback with the repackage album ‘IN生’ three months after their first full-length album ‘GO生’ released in June 2020, is a talented idol group composed of Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, I.N.

Bang Chan and Han, members of the team’s subunit ‘3RACHA’, shared, “We like hip-hop and R&B when we work on music, but we also work on a lot of calm songs. Especially, we want to include various expressions through the title or lyrics. There are messages we want to convey in the lyrics, but how the listener interprets them is also important. Chinese expressions have many interesting points.”

“We want to continue to show our own genre,” Stray Kids said of the ultimate goal of their music. “We want to become a group recognized by many people around the world for the music we make.”


“When I first became a trainee, there was a time when everything was strange and unadjusted. I once felt like a stranger, but I’ve already adapted and practiced hard to become the Stray Kids member I am now,” said Seungmin, who expressed his sincere feelings about the debut process, “I watch videos of Taemin and Jimin, whom I like and respect, to hold myself together and encourage myself.”


The members also showed their passion for Stray Kids activities throughout the interview, where Hyunjin said, “The goal is to achieve my dream and now I’m going towards it.”


Stray Kids’ pictorial and interviews are available on the September issue of Singles Korea.