SEVENTEEN‘s special album ‘Semicolon’, which will be released on October 19, surpassed 1.1 million pre-orders as of October 16, heralding another ‘Million Seller’ title for the group following their previous work ‘Heng:garae’, proving their growth once again and solidifying their status as a global artist.


In particular, it is rare for a special album to surpass 1.1 million preorders. The album has also broken the boys’ own record of 1.06 million preorders for the previous mini-album ‘Heng:garae‘.

‘Semicolon’ was on the top of the charts on various online music sites at the time the preordering began, and expectations are high for SEVENTEEN’s new records to be set with this album and the title track ‘Home;Run’.

Through this comeback, the boys want to deliver a more mature and positive message to the youth, “Let’s rest a little and enjoy the feast of youth,” as well as a warm consolation, support, and a sympathetic shout of hope/ With the while team participating in the work, the album will show a more empathetic and more realistic youth.

The album is even more special because it contains a different unit song, not the unit that SEVENTEEN had previously shown, and you can see a variety of genres in ‘Semicolon;.

The group will release their special album ‘Semicolon’ at 6 PM KST on October 19 and hold a global press conference online at 4 PM KST on the same day.