Former Wanna One main vocalist Kim Jaehwan will make his comeback this August with a new digital single titled ‘Can’t Goodbye’.


Swing Entertainment said on August 18 that Kim Jaehwan will release the single through various music sites at 6 PM on the 23rd.

The singer then made a surprise post with a teaser image on his official SNS, informing fans of the release of the new song. The released image showed a notebook with 2 emotional pictures of flowers, fueling curiosity about the new song.


‘Can’t Goodbye’ will be Kim Jaehwan’s first new song in about six months, and is expected to establish itself as the next part of the “Goodbye” series, which include his latest song ‘Goodbye’ released in February this year and his debut song ‘Begin Again’ released in May last year.

Kim Jaehwan has been actively engaged in music activities not only with his own album but also by collaborating with various artists and participating in dramas’ OST. He is also receiving love calls from a number of entertainment programs for his extraordinary volubility and sense of humor.