Go Seok Jin, a former bodyguard of boy group WANNA ONE, will unveil the truth about his job for the first time on a special episode of MBC’s ‘Video Star’.


MBC Every1’s ‘Video Star’, which will air on June 2, will feature four legendary bodyguards, from those who protect the president to those who protect K-Pop idols.

Among the four, Go Seok Jin draws attention as he was a former bodyguard of WANNA ONE, and his friendly chemistry with the members have been shown through out the time he worked for the group. Among fans, he is even nicknamed ‘Mr. Dear’ and gained enough popularity to have an official fan account on SNS.


Go Seok Jin showed his special affection for WANNA ONE by introducing himself as a “national idol WANNA ONE’s bodyguard” at the start of the recording. He added, “Currently, I am in charge of protecting Yoon Ji Sung, the former leader of WANNA ONE, as well as Kim Jae Hwan, NU’EST, Ong Seong Wu, Ha Sung Woon, and recently IZ*ONE.”

When he introduced the artists he was in charge of, he even said the fandom names, which drew attention. Rumor has it that the show’s MCs were amazed by Go Seok Jin’s meticulous behavior, saying, “I know why he is loved by fans.”


The bodyguard also revealed a special anecdote about his overseas trip with Kim Jae Hwan. WANNA ONE made their debut as a project group in 2017, and the members couldn’t spend a lot of time for themselves because of their passionate fans. In response, Go Seok Jin launched an operation like a spy movie for Kim Jae Hwan, as he accompanied him on his overseas schedule. The operation that everyone admires will be unveiled on the broadcast.


A video letter for the bodyguard will also be released at the recording studio. The people who sent the video were none other than WANNA ONE members Ong Seong Wu and Ha Sung Woon. It is said that the two showed off their extraordinary affection for Go Seok Jin’s work.

MBC Every1’s ‘Video Star’ will air at 8:30 PM KST on June 2.