ITZY‘s new album ‘Not Shy’ has managed to gather 200,000 pre-orders as of August 18, the highest number of pre-orders in the group’s career.


The new album, which was released at 6 PM on August 17, broke the group’s best record after surpassing 200,000 pre-orders on the morning of August 18, clearly proving ITZY’s position as the “representative girl group of the 4th generation”, and raising hopes for the biggest sales since their debut.

The music video for the title track ‘Not Shy’ also surpassed 10 million views on YouTube around 11:10 AM on August 18, about 17 hours after its release, breaking the record of mega hit ‘DALLA DALLA‘. In addition, it topped YouTube’s worldwide trending list.

The music video is thrilling with fast-paced scenes such as car chase scenes that travel through the wilderness, and in the second half, it gives a cute twist. The five members did their best to improve their completeness by focusing their hearts and minds on every scene during the five-day shooting.

From their debut song ‘DALLA DALLA’, to ‘ICY’ and ‘WANNABE’, all of the girls’ music videos boast hundreds of millions of views.

Attention is focusing on whether ITZY, the “new YouTube powerhouse”, will add another record with ‘Not Shy’.