Stray Kids will release their first Japanese mini album titled ‘ALL IN’ on November 4 and solidify their position as a next-generation K-Pop group in Japan.


JYP Entertainment, the group’s agency, posted four jacket images to announce the release of Stray Kids’ first Japanese mini album ‘ALL IN’ through their official website and SNS channels.

The boys in the jacket photos wear hip-hop street fashion and show their reckless eyes, raising expectations for a new “dope” album.


The title track of the new album, also named ‘ALL IN’, is a song expressing a confident ambition: “I bet everything and move forward.”

The album contains 7 songs, including new songs ‘ALL IN’, ‘FAM’ and ‘One Day’, the title track ‘God’s Menu’ (Japanese ver.) from their first full-length album ‘GO生’ in , the title track ‘Backdoor’ (Japanese ver.) from their first full-length album repackage ‘IN生‘, and ‘TOP’ (Japanese ver.) and ‘SLUMP’ (Japanese ver.) from their first Japanese single album.


The boys released their first single album titled ‘TOP’ in Japan on June 3 this year and had a remarkable success. It topped the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart in the first week of its release, making Stray Kids the fourth oversea male artist to win the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart with their first single. It also proved the group’s popularity by topping various charts such as Tower Records, Japan’s largest record shop, and Billboard Japan’s weekly single sales chart.

Stray Kids, which has made clear achievements in the country of Japan, is expected to rise again through this new Japanese album to be released in November.