BTS made an appearance on MBC Radio’s Bae Cheol Soo’s Music Camp to talk about their Billboard win with “Dynamite” as well as what we can expect from them next. What’s interesting is that this radio program is not known to ever do a visual radio show streamed live on YouTube, making BTS the first guests to do this.


Radio host Bae Cheol Soo asked each of the members who their musical influence was when they were young and it was no surprise that Jungkook answered with RM. Now we all know he is RM’s number one fanboy for life and that it was because of him that Jungkook truly showed interest in music.


Jungkook answered, “I even said in a previous interview that my star and role model was RM. When I was young and living in Busan, I didn’t have any big dreams to become a singer. Of course there were many great artists out there and I did want to be like them.”


After seeing RM’s video, he made the decision to join Big Hit“I was looking at music online when I came across RM’s rapping video. That is when I decided that I wanted to go to Big Hit to become a singer. Honestly, I didn’t practice much back then, but the members taught me a lot and gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation.”


The host was shocked to hear that Jungkook joined the team at such a young age and could understand how the older members might have become role models for him.

While the members went around revealing who their biggest musical influences were, Jin chose the members as his biggest inspiration, changing the vibe of the question completely.

“If I had to choose who my biggest musical influence is, I would have to say the BTS members. It is because of the members that I was able to start music and write my own songs. I’ve practiced singing next to them the most so it’s natural that I am influenced by them.”– Jin said.


After Jin’s answer, it seemed that everyone else felt the same way. Jimin answered next with, “I think it’s the same for me too. I’ve received influence not only from RM but also from the other members as well. They changed my mindset in that I used to just want to be on stage, but the members showed me just how fun it is to sing and communicate a message through music. In turn, it made me want to work harder to sing better and work on my voice.”


Following Jimin, Jungkook also expressed that he was influenced by RM as well as the other members. This continued down as RM, V, and J-Hope all stated that they were influenced by the members as a given.


Bae Cheol Soo was quite impressed at the teamwork and support the members had for each other and felt that it was a crucial factor in the group’s global success.

The oldest member Jin, who continued to make comments throughout the show, was taken aback when the host asked why he had been quiet the whole time.

“Please excuse my remark but I think it’s because you just didn’t see…I talked quite a lot. I think because you kept looking at the other side that you didn’t see me talking. It’s totally fine though that can happen. A person can only look in one direction at a time…”– Jin said.

Fans found this to be very witty of Jin to be able to take an awkward situation and lighten up the mood with his sense of humor.


To watch more of what down for this interview, check out the full show below!