Big Hit Entertainment said they expect to postpone the enlistment of Jin, the oldest member of BTS until the end of next year.


According to a stock report submitted by Big Hit Entertainment to the Financial Services Commission for the listing on KOSPI on September 2, the company’s opinion on BTS‘s military enlistment was included among the investment risk factors.

“There is a risk of suspension of activities of our main artists due to their enlistment in the military,” Big Hit said. “Our main artist, BTS, is composed of members who were born between 1992 and 1997, and we believe that Kim Seok Jin (Jin), the oldest member, will be able to delay his enlistment under the Military Service Act until the end of 2021.”

Nevertheless, they added, “The timing and method of military enlistment of the BTS members, including Jin, have not been decided as of the date of submitting the stock report, and may be affected by variables such as whether the Military Manpower Administration allows the postponement or not, as well as the revision of the Military Service Act in the future.”

“We will continue to expand the proportion of sales which do not involve the artists’ direct activities, such as MD, licensing, and video content sales, to prepare for the risk of discontinuation of artists’ activities due to military enlistment, disease, and accidents, and to minimize the risk of reducing sales due to the scheduled absence of major artists such as military enlistment,” Big Hit announced.