Jin (BTS) has been selected as “The star that helps ears to be satisfied” on Idol Chart.

In a survey conducted by Idol Chart from May 11 to 17, Jin won No. 1 with 27,449 votes (about 35%) out of 79,997 votes.


Jin (BTS) released his first self-composed song ‘Tonight‘, which brought out a strong charisma. Ha Sung Woon took second place. Ha Sung Woon was chosen as a star with a good tone after winning 20,000 53210 votes (32% of the vote). Then there was Lim Young Woong, who took over her position on ‘Mr. Trot‘ (TV Chosun) and received the nickname “emotional people”. Received 17,713 votes (13% vote rate) and ranked in 3rd place.

Next were Kim Jae Hwan (6547 votes), Jihyo (Twice 3282 votes), Baekho (Nu’est) (1376 votes), CIX Seunghoon (1264 votes), Rocket Punch Su Yoon (1164 votes), Junwoong (AB6IX) (909 votes), Seunghee (Oh My Girl) ( 830 votes), Jo Yuri (IZ*ONE) (328 votes), Minnie ((G)I-dle) (51 votes), Do Gyeom (41 votes).