These personal Instagram accounts are run by Korean celebrities (including non-Korean celebrities who promote in Korea). Here are the top 15 that have garnered the most followers of all time!

15. Hyun A – 14.2M

Owning 14.21 million followers on Instagram, HyunA’s account is full of her adorable moments of herself and sometimes, are romantic photos of the love of hew life, Dawn.


14. Tae Yeon – 15.2M

The leader of SNSD not only updates her music activities and her own projects, but also she reveals her dorky sides to her fans.


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13. Park Seo Joon – 15.4M

The 13th position belongs to Park Seo Joon – the actor is best known for hos performance in Itaewon Class, What’s Wrong With Secrectary Kim,… If you are lack of his handsomeness, don’t hesitate to follow him now!


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12. IU – 15.7M

The “Nation’s Sweet Heart” has an interesting account’s name and a cute avatar so at first, it is quite hard to identify her but when you follow IU’s personal account, you will be soon drown with her cuteness.


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11. Lee Jong Suk – 16.5M

Another actor to appear on this list is Lee Jong Suk with an impressive number of followers – 16.53M.


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10. G-Dragon – 18.6M

G-Dragon’s personal account is truly a tiny but blooming piece that showcases his personalities at the best because of its diversity of contents, the aesthetic and his deep feelings.


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9. Baekhyun (EXO) – 18.7M

The main vocal of EXO not only shares his music on Instagram but also his adorable moments with his teammates that you rarely see anywhere else.


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8. Jackson (Got7) – 18.9M

Jackson has a great sense of humor and an angelic personality that no one could hate him. He’s also considered as one of the friendliest idols in K-pop.


7. Lee Min Ho – 19.7M

Lee Min Ho is the Korean actor with the most followers on Instagram with an outstanding numbers of 19.7M.


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6. Sehun (EXO) – 20.62M

Sehun is handsome and cool and such a hottie on stage but on his Instagram, the idol is just so adorable and sometimes goofy like a cute little boy.


5. Chanyeol (EXO) – 22.1M

Another member of EXO to appear on this list with over 20 million of followers is Park Chanyeol – the group’s main rapper.


4. Jisoo (BLACKPINK) – 28.7M

The 4th place belongs to BLACKPINK Jisoo – the gorgeous member with her visual described as a goddess of the new generation.


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3. Rose (BLACKPINK) – 29.5M

Next is BLACKPINK’s main vocal with almost 30 million followers – Rose. Her Instagram is a combination of her selfies, her cute moments with teammates, her own stage where she does song covers and her gorgeous modeling pictures with luxury brands.


2. Jennie (BLACKPINK) – 32.7M

2nd place is Jennie – the duality main rapper of BLACKPINK with the fierce and intense rap skills but indeed a soft one.


1. Lisa (BLACKPINK) – 39.4M

BLACKPINK truly dominates this list with all 4 members of the group stands at the top ranks, with Lisa happens to be the Korean idol with the most followers – 39.4 million.

Like Rose, her personal account is full of her most stunning pictures from looking expensive for famous magazines, turning into badass dancers in her dance performance to switching to a cute and precious Lisa.


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