According to a poll by TMI News, G-Dragon is a K-pop idol that owns many of the most expensive cars today with different brands. Success in music not only brings famous idols but also great income.


G-Dragon – BIGBANG‘s talented leader each year earns a large amount of money from the fields of singing, music copyrights, advertising contracts, and fashion.


With his rich level of wealth, he does not hesitate to spend money to make his life always comfortable in his own way. According to TMI News, G-Dragon is the K-pop idol that owns the most expensive cars.

According to TMI News, G-Dragon has models such as: a Lamborghini priced 570 million won, a Rolls-Royce Phantom costs 740 million won, a Bentley costs 390 million won. The total value of these three cars is approximately 1.6 billion won.

However, in fact, That XX singer owns two Lamborghini models, two Rolls-Royce lines. He even put the white Lamborghini one in his Who You music video. And a black one was once driven to his sister, Dami’s shop, seen by fans, so he took a picture.


Despite spending huge amounts of money to buy expensive box cars, G-Dragon has recently been more interested in electric cars. Not long ago, Dami posted a photo of her famous brother in shorts with his brother-in-law on the streetcar, which made fans excited.


Fans thought that he tends to be more economical until they know the amount to spend to buy this car. The electric car that the male idol uses is $2,200.

Referring to G-Dragon, fans immediately thought of a legend about Black Card. This is a powerful black card, showing the wealth and authority of the owner.