and Dawn are continuing showing their love story for five years. Recently, they have created spotlights for the romantic moments of their affection towards each other.


On September 14th, the female artist posted several photos on her Instagram without any captions. The two singers posed affectionately, from back hugs to kisses, that only real couples can do.

Unlike HyunA, who is seen with little makeup on, Dawn wears dark makeup covered his eyes. The two somehow created a strange atmosphere that caught the attention of netizens.


The photos were taken candidly, showing the intense gaze between HyunA and Dawn, however, it was reminiscent of a professional pictorial despite the naturalness of their poses.

The couple had been displaying their affection through social media as they posted photos of each other on their accounts.


Dawn had also drawn attention when he had posted various photos on his Instagram without writing many captions either.
The photos he posted showed the two singers posing in front of a white background as HyunA happily smiles.

Dawn wore a white buttoned-down shirt with the sleeves cut off, while HyunA looked amazing in a comfortable white t-shirt and playful tights under a short black skirt.

They continued to express their love for each other as they posed in front of the camera in these pictures.


During 2017 and 2018, HyunA and Dawn had formed a co-ed unit group named Triple H with another Pentagon member Hui.

Not so long after the collaboration, HyunA and Dawn made headlines when they revealed they were dating for four years. This year is marked as their fifth year together in their love story.

Previously, Dawn had stated on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ that their love is still continuing to grow even after five years and HyunA’s will light up just from the sound of Dawn’s name.

HyunA also revealed the story on an episode of ‘Knowing Brothers’ of how she began dating Dawn. She revealed that she had a crush on Dawn first.


She also felt apologetic because of the negative perception that had formed against the two as they revealed that they were dating. She stated, “I was okay but I felt apologetic. I don’t like how lies produce more lies. So I was ready to take responsibility the moment I confessed.”

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