Top Celebrities That Many Domestic Fans Assume Are Korean But Actually Aren’t

Top Celebrities That Many Domestic Fans Assume Are Korean But Actually Aren’t

K-Pop idols in the industry all come from diverse backgrounds, especially these days. So besides a few who are obviously not Korean, there are a few idols that many domestic fans automatically have assumed are South Korean.

However, most are quite surprised when they learn that they actually aren't.

You can check them out below.


Because Rosé's beauty is what the beauty trend is in South Korea at the moment, there are people left and right trying to look like her. This makes it easy for people in South Korea to assume that she is 100% straight-up South Korean.

But of course, she actually holds a New Zealand passport and hails from Australia as well.

Choi Woo Shik

The 'Parasite' actor is one of the most popular celebrities in recent times. Although Choi WooShik was born in Seoul, South Korea, he moved to Canada as a child and has resided in the nation up until his university years, attending Simon Fraser University. His English name is Edward.

Ma Dong Seok

Actor Ma Dong Seok is American, as you might have guessed already by his English name Don Lee.

Henry Lau

While most K-Pop fans already are very well aware that Henry is Canadian with his father from Hong Kong and his mother from Taiwan, there are still quite a lot of fans in South Korea who have assumed he was South Korean because he speaks Korean so well and also because he seems to understand South Korean culture very well too, displayed by his witty and charming personality on variety programs.


Top 8 K-Pop MVs Used To Get Banned Because of Unexpected Reasons

Let's check out which are the MVs that received the banned order below!

"Gentleman" - PSY

"Gentleman" of PSY is in the top of the MV with the highest views in the first 24 hours. It also made a strong impression on the music audience. However, this MV was labeled "inappropriate for broadcast" on KBS because it contained scenes depicting the act of "vandalizing public works". Specifically, it was the scene where PSY kicked off the "No Parking" sign on the way right at the beginning of the MV.

"Bad Girls" - Lee Hyori

"Bad Girls" is one of Lee Hyori's popular music videos, confirming the name of the female artist. However, that was not enough for Lee Hyori to escape from the TV station. KBS also whistled this MV on the grounds that students shot teachers with a slingshot when they inappropriatedly attached students.


BLACKPINK's "Boombayah" is banned from being broadcast on KBS. The decision was made due to vulgar lyrics, which mention stimulants (alcohol names) and contain trademark advertising. Regardless, this is one of the group's super hits that now surpassed the 1 billion views milestone on Youtube.


The song "DDD" was co-composed by LE and Shinsadong Tiger. The EXID girls' theme song blends Funky, French Electro and adds some catchy Tropical melodies. However, this song was banned by KBS because it contained vulgar language in part of the lyrics.

"4:44" - Park Bom

After years of absence, Park Bom had a big comeback in 2019. However, one of her products was whistled as "4:44".

One detail that caused fans to be interested in "4:44" is that KBS will ban the broadcast of this MV for a rather ... "dreamy" reason. Specifically, this station said that the MV violated the road traffic law due to "having negative emotions at night, wandering around and walking on the road". This extremely humorous reason makes fans unable to stop laughing and assuming that the station is too strict in browsing the MV.

"Kill This Love" - BLACKPINK

K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has conquered fans around the world with their hit song "Kill This Love." One of the most expensive scenes of this MV is when Rose wipes the water while driving.

However, KBS has banned the broadcast of this popular MV on its channel. Although he did not explain the reason, according to local media speculation, the reason was because "Kill This Love" had "violated" the Korean Road Traffic Law, specifically the scene where Rose did not wear her seat belt when driving!

"Did you or Did you not" and "LOL" - BLOCK B

According to KBS, "Did You or Did You Not" is a sexual question: "Did you do it or not?" The Korean name of the song is "Haet suh ahn haet suh", but "haet suh" is derived from the verb "adult thing" (if used in combination with other words, its meaning will change).

Meanwhile, "LOL" is "embargoed" because the song contains the word ggondae (often used as a slang word about the elderly with negative meanings).

Do you think these channels were too strict?