Netizens Are Overwhelmed By BLACKPINK's Supreme Visuals In 2021 Greeting Postcards

Netizens Are Overwhelmed By BLACKPINK's Supreme Visuals In 2021 Greeting Postcards

The beautiful beauty of BLACKPINK makes fans fidgety.

Recently, BLACKPINK has just released 4 pictures "teased" for the new year photo album 2021 Season's Greetings. Most notably, the members did their own hair, makeup, conceptualize, and choose outfits. BLACKPINK's princess-like beauty really makes fans satisfied on Christmas.

Immediately after YG released a series of photos, social media was overwhelmed by the beauty of BLACKPINK. If the eldest sister Jisoo is gorgeous, delicate with white, Rosé is gentle and feminine, Jennie and Lisa bring together a seductive and mysterious image. Each girl has their own different looks, but all 4 are luxurious and beautiful like princesses.

The oldest sister Jisoo is indeed a visual of BLACKPINK. In her glamorous, luxurious image like a princess, Jisoo is even more beautiful and seductive. With only 1 close-up photo, the YG goddess has affirmed the top level of beauty, showing off her full face and more elegant facial features.

Rosé is still loyal to her signature style, feminine and brilliant. Although the pose covers most of the face, Blinks still have to admire the beauty and temperament of the "Australian rose". The green color even emphasizes her gorgeous porcelain skin.

Not choosing the feminine style like two sisters in the same group, Jennie broke with the look like a fallen angel. Jennie impresses with her charm, strength and power in red. Wearing bold makeup, dressy clothes, and tying hair on both sides to show off her cold face and eyes, Jennie really knows how to change and refresh herself every time she shows up.

Lisa is also shimmering and attractive. The youngest member of BLACKPINK transforms into a noble and mysterious angel. Both gentle, poetic and magical, Lisa's new look is the "top of the top". Also, she has this brilliant long hair again which is highly praised by netizens. Long black hair Lisa is supreme.

Admiring the series of excellent beautiful pictures, Korean netizens all unanimously praised the beauty of the 4 BLACKPINK members. Some prominent comments:

- OMG so pretty! My friend said that Jisoo even looks more pretty in real life.

- Too much beauty in here. They are the most beautiful idols I've ever seen!

- Oh no. My dream is to go to a concert after the pandemic, but guess that I have to choose BLACKPINK in the list!

- They all look like princesses!


BLACKPINK And More Idols To Warm Up Your Fabulous Holiday Glamour

If you have yet to tick the box off your desired outfit or makeup idea to try, here are some K-pop looks guaranteed to help you shine bright this festive season!

1. Facial gem stickers (BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa)

When the shimmers of a plain good old highlighter ain’t sufficient to highlight your beauty, you know it’s time to bring out the big guns – facial gem stickers! Not only do these give you a handy pop of sparkle that draws attention like no other, but they are also pretty fuss-free to work with and convenient to apply and remove. Applying a couple of gem stickers near the eyes will help to accentuate your eye make up further for a fun party look!

2. Berry red lips

Christmas will always be the season for a dash of classic red lipstick, but for something bolder yet no less striking, how about switching to a berry red pout? With this look, matching the shade to your skin tone is key, and there’s always a berry red with the right undertone for different skin tones. Here, the shade flatters Sunmi well and gives her a youthful, feminine glow.

3. Veiled fascinators (TWICE Nayeon)

These have been a staple in K-pop performances of late and while you might shy away from clipping on a bejeweled veil, how about something more subtle like what TWICE’s Nayeon has on? It adds an air of dark mysteriousness and can be a great accessory to pair with a smoky makeup look.

4. Kiss curls (NCT Taeyong)

In a throwback to the flapper era, kiss curls are back in fad. Quirky and edgy, kiss curls also help to frame the face in an alluring fashion. Next time you are pondering over how to work with those pesky baby hairs, why not try playing them up into kiss curls instead for a stunning beauty statement?

5. Girl Crush (MAMAMOO Hwasa)

2020 has been the year of girl crushes, and if you are on the lookout for an outfit that exemplifies that, here is my gold standard! MAMAMOO’s Hwasa delivers girl crush in spades in her super cool waistcoat and blazer combo.

6. Bustier tops and corsets (BLACKPINK Jennie)

These are highly recommended for virtual get-togethers as you get all the style points without risking potential frostbite! Bustier tops and corsets are undoubtedly a sensual centerpiece to any outfit and help you to highlight your figure. Jennie’s styling has always been on-point and one of their most dazzling sets would definitely be the bejeweled bustier tops that emphasize their snatched waistlines!

Which style do you want to try out?