BLACKPINK, BTS, Suzy and More Names To Appear In "Hottest Stars for 2021" List

BLACKPINK, BTS, Suzy and More Names To Appear In "Hottest Stars for 2021" List

In the upcoming 2021, which K-pop groups are most likely to star in the brand-modeling industry? According to Korea JoongAng Daily, there are various K-pop groups and K-pop idols that are expected to rock the commercial scene next year.

In particular, the English-language Korean media outlet wrote on Thursday, the top girl and boy groups that are chosen as the hottest groups for the upcoming year.

Hottest Male and Female Groups 2021

In the list, BLACKPINK and (G)I-DLE, as well as the prominent boy groups BTS and Stray Kids are the groups that K-pop fans and music fans should look forward to in modeling different products and services, for they are picked as the hottest K-pop male and female groups for 2021.

Recently, BLACKPINK which is composed of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa made headlines for their numerous achievements in the fashion industry.

Lisa was chosen as the global brand ambassador of BVLGARI, while Rosé was also appointed as YSL Beauty Ambassador.

Jisoo and Jennie, also proved their title "Miss Dior/Korea" and "Human Chanel" respectively as they grace their visuals and charms on their latest magazine pictorials. With their influence, it is no doubt that they will bag various endorsement as well next year.

As for (G)-IDLE, this year was also an overwhelming period for the group in terms of endorsements. Aside from being chosen as Akii Classic's new model, they were also the model of the largest contact lens company in Kore, LensMe. On top of that, with the girl-crush atmosphere that the female idols have, they also became high-fashion brand LipHop's new models which were announced on December.

On the other hand, BTS who has been proving their influence and popularity through the purchasing power of their fans, are currently in partnership with Samsung Electronics, Fila, Hyundai, and many more.

Recently, BTS in collaboration with Baskin- Robins, released their own cake. As soon as it was made available in the market, it immediately sold out, just evidence of their "Midas touch."

Lastly, Stray Kids, is currently the ambassador for Lotte Duty-Free, Pro-Specs, and Shopee Indonesia.

Suzy, Paul Kim and Suhyun "Hottest Personalities for 2021"

As for the hottest female actor, Bae Suzy, a former member of Miss A took the grand prize along with actor Lee Dong Wook.

Suzy is indeed known to be the "CF Queen," as she's always in-demand when it comes to brand endorsements. The singer and actress was in fact referred to as "Human Dior" for always sporting products from the brand.

Meanwhile, for the hottest male and female vocalists, Paul Kim and Lee Su-hyun of AKMU secured the title.

Based on Korea JoongAng Daily, Customers Council held the survey among more than 240,000 respondents, which took place from Nov. 9 to 20.

The survey and awards were launched in 2003 by the Customers Council, and the titles are awarded every year to “the most exciting brands for the upcoming year” by conducting surveys and consulting with experts.