BLACKPINK Rosé Made Fans Heartbreaking But She Was Too Good In Hiding

BLACKPINK Rosé Made Fans Heartbreaking But She Was Too Good In Hiding

... She didn't skip a beat despite the pain..

Standing on stage, it is hard to avoid unexpected accidents or unexpected situations, but Rosé has never let them affect BLACKPINK's performance.

When the YG girl group held the "In Your Area" (2019) tour, a part of the female idol's fancam made viewers both admire and grieved at the way she held back pain to focus on the performance. Rosé suddenly slipped when she was performing with the group.

After a moment of faltering, the main vocal of BLACKPINK quickly regained her balance and performed the choreography as if nothing had happened. It is worth mentioning that at that time, Rosé's ankle was completely bent to one side with a strong force, it hurt just by looking. However, she did not show any pain or discomfort, continued singing and dancing with a calm expression.

This shows that Rosé has a professional performance attitude, skill in handling sensitive situations. However, many people feel sorry for "Australian rose" because, in order to ensure the quality of the performance, she chose to compress the pain, not to let her incident affect other members.

Some of the comments from fans:

- She always hides the pain and keeps performing as nothing happens. She deserves everything in the world.

- It's hurt af omg, but I didn't notice that on the stage.

- It must be hurt but Rosé tried to hide it.

- Nobody noticed because she was so good in acting normal. Chaeng (Rose's real name) ah, please be careful.