Top 9 unpopular but great anime that didn't come from Studio Ghibli

Top 9 unpopular but great anime that didn't come from Studio Ghibli

Apart from anime made by the famous Studio Ghibli, there are many other excellent anime that you may have never heard o...

Apart from anime made by the famous Studio Ghibli, there are many other excellent anime that you may have never heard of.

Millennium Actress (2001)


The story begins when the manager of an old movie studio suddenly finds an old key and he quickly realizes its owner is a former movie star, whom he admired so much when he was young. However, the actress abruptly retired when she was at the peak of her career and declined all press interviews. The manager decides to find the female star to return the key to her, which opens up a touching story that links the past, present and future together in an unbelievable way.

Mind Game (2004)


Japan is famous for their crazy film-making style, and Mind Game is a prominent example for this. A man named Nishi encountered two Yakuzas (criminals) who ended his life. However, while he was preparing to go to Heaven, Nishi was given the opportunity to rebuild his life.

What is shown in the anime is a series of colorful, messy images with unconventional storytelling that do not follow any pattern. The plot of the movie is also crazy to the last minute and will definitely surprise you.

Tokyo Godfathers (2003)


The anime takes place on Christmas Eve with three characters: an alcoholic middle-aged man named Gin, a transgender woman who used to be a street queen named Hana, and a girl who ran away from home Miyuki. The three found an abandoned infant as they rummaged through the garbage dump. They also found a piece of paper attached asking them to raise the child, and a bag containing clues about the child's parents.

The trio decided to set out to find the parents and within that one night of their journey, the audience will see the complex relationships between human and human, the unfortunate lives, the broken family relationships underlying the beauty of bustling Tokyo. Pieces of the child's true identity will gradually be revealed, creating mixed emotions of joy and sadness for the viewers.

A Letter to Momo (2011)


A Letter to Momo begins as 11-year-old Momo suffered the tragic death of her father. The only thing hat Momo's father left her was an unfinished letter with only two words, which she could not understand.

Momo moved in with her mother after that on the island of Shio and she encountered three extremely annoying goblins. But it was these three goblins that helped Momo understand the meaning of the mysterious letter and help her relieve the pain of losing her father. The meaningful and moving film about paternity will make viewers feel like they were in their teenage years again.

Tekkon Kinkreet (2006)


Kuro (meaning black) and Shiro (meaning white) are two orphanage brothers. They are very cunning and are the bosses of the City of Treasures. Like their names, Kuro prefers to use violence, while Shiro has a very innocent personality. They often confront a Yakuza gang led by Suzuki who wants to regain control over the city.

After several encounters, both sides realized that a larger common enemy was coming - the foreigners who wanted to occupy the city to renovate the amusement park. The tycoons with their bloodthirsty minions representing industrialization and globalization are gradually eroding the culture of each nation and the people of the City of Treasures. And of course, Kuro and Shiro along with the gang have to fight side by side to protect the fine traditions of the City of Treasures.

The Animatrix (2003)


The Animatrix is ​​a compilation of 9 different anime written and directed by two directors and screenwriters of The Matrix, together with seven directors from the United States, Japan and South Korea. Each film tells a story of the Matrix's world, so viewers can see many angles of this world that the original trilogy has not yet been able to convey. The animated film will continue to make viewers wonder about whether or not human existence is a programmed machine - the spirit that made the original trilogy successful.

Summer Wars (2009)


Kenji Koiso is a mathematical prodigy who was dragged back to her hometown by a friend - Natsuki - to "work part-time". There, the Natsuki family was busy preparing the 90-year-old ceremony for Mrs. Sakae. Kenji discovered his job as to pretend to be Natsuki's boyfriend to make the old lady happy. During that summer, he suddenly received a strange math problem on his phone. Being a good at math and out of curiosity, Kenji solved the problem but was completely unaware that it came from a virus.

The answer to the problem is a code to gain control over all digital devices in the world. A war between humans and machine viruses is set take place, but what the movie really wants to convey is the warm family relationships. The audience will also be impressed by the superior ability of the main character.

Sword of The Strangers (2007)


When Kotarou and his dog Tobimaru are on their way to Mangaku Temple, the boy encounters a mysterious swordsman claiming to be Nanashi. He agreed to help escort the boy to the temple with a small remuneration. However, Kotarou was being pursued by the Ming Dynasty and they sent a notorious assassin named Rarou. However, Rarou didn't not care about the Emperor's orders, as he only wants to find an equal opponent. This is an excellent action anime about samurai.

Patema Inverted (2013)


After a scientific disaster, many people, houses and vehicles were suck into the sky. Some choose to hide quietly on the ground, others choose to live with the abnormal gravity.

Years after the catastrophe, a clear division between groups of people living on the ground and in the sky were created. However, Princess Patema of the underground village seemed to harbor a desire to escape this small place. And in the terrestrial world, she met a boy named Age. The two drew a unique love story literally full of thorns, enough for viewers to feel the great value of love.