The Gen Z burning of power in Hollywood

The Gen Z burning of power in Hollywood

Gen Z, a new generation of young people, possesses and uses its huge power to change Hollywood in particular and society in general.

This article with a world cinema perspective gives comments on the impact as well as the importance of Gen Z to the "7th art" in particular and from that to society in general. Gen Z's influence is not limited to actors, models, and singers … This generation with the powerful power of the digital age in hand is telling their stories through cinema, posing problems that no one thought about and dared to challenge, change the "rules of the game" for so long.

The talented Gen Z faces pioneering the "invasion" of the new generation


Looking through the recent Hollywood blockbusters, we can see that some of the famous faces that were just a little kid running around are now growing up with top names. Zendaya was born in 1996, welcoming the audience with the image of a dancing girl in Shake It Up now becoming a heroic warrior in the upcoming Dune trailer, while Sophie Turner of the same age as a child when she first played Game of Thrones also escaped the body as a powerful mutant in Dark Phoenix.

Also born in 1996, Tom Holland is making many people admire with his outstanding performance in the Spider-Man series of the Marvel universe. Millie Bobby Brown - Stranger Things's 16-year-old girl also became the most moving face of the press. She also recently released her own movie, Enola Holmes, with a rating of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes.


The above typical faces are only a small part of many Z generation artists and actors with a presence that is gradually dominating Hollywood, not only by mediocre young roles but also in capacity.

The 72nd Emmy Primetime Awards just happened with Zendaya's victory in the category of Best Actress in the drama series Euphoria - a film also about Gen Z from HBO. The 24-year-old actress's achievement also made history when she became the youngest person ever to receive this award, surpassing the rest of the competition who are seniors Sandra Oh or Jennifer Aniston.

Cinema is paving the way for Gen Z and their story


The 13-year-old Kayla Day character in the movie Eighth Grade is not a spoiled teen who learns to drink or smoke. Instead, she chose to be a vlogger on YouTube, posting videos of the importance of living right with herself . But contrary to that seemingly peaceful life, Kayla Day was also a victim of isolation, tortured by low self-esteem, self-doubt and occasional panic attacks. Her story is an example of countless realities, Gen Z's panicked screams in a world too calm on the outside and destruction beginning to emerge from within.

Audiences must also know about recent films like The End of The F *** ing World or Netflix's I Am Not Okay With This targeting young people. These films depict a generation of adolescents who are always angry, with a dark look at the world and seeming to blow them up with a single touch. Not wrong, when statistics released by the British Guardian site show that Gen Z members have two-thirds higher rates of depression than millennials when they are of similar age.


This problem, along with the emergence of the aforementioned films, has caused the attention of older generations (or so-called adults) to pay attention. Ironically, they don't understand why the kids are getting upset all the time, plugged into their phones and their health is declining in a world of pollution and turmoil caused by the previous generation, where technology corporations - led by old grandparents - investing hundreds or trillions of dollars in ways to keep young people from taking their eyes off the screen.

Eighth Grade, The End of The F *** ing World or I Am Not Okay With This reflect the characters' depression and anxiety disorder while still possessing a certain sense of humor and charm. Such films are slowly changing the usual formula of old age films and daring to offer a more realistic, familiar perspective of the younger generation.

Because young people, or Gen Z today, seem helpless in the face of the princess prince motif, or the standards of appearance, skin color and standards of happiness, drawn by the films of previous generation. They have their own concerns, and that includes psychological health, stimulants, politics, tech addiction and social media (watch The Social Dilemma for more details!).

If the old "Boomer" generation used to grow up with classics like The Godfather, Gen X had Friends or The Breakfast Club, "Millennial" was immersed in Mean Girls, Harry Potter … then Gen Z lacked the work is close to them, and this generation is just too familiar with the news of the school shootings on social media or the amusing trends in TikTok.

Therefore, it is admirable and commendable when Gen Z is strongly reclaiming the first place and retelling the true stories that are happening to their generation, even though they still requires help from older generations.

Generation Z's power in "rules of the game" innovation


With a large number of members in Generation Z, they contribute a great deal to the sales of big movies. Aladdin and The Lion King - Disney's recent blockbuster adaptations saw 55% of the audience under the age of 24 in the opening week, while that figure of Toy Story 4 reached 61%, according to the page The Hollywood Reporter.

Thus, it can be seen that the voice of Gen Z is very important to the giant film production corporations. And those young people know how to take advantage of them. As a generation that is considered fashionable and not afraid to speak out, Gen Z has always strongly led trends and campaigns for hot topics such as gender equality, racism, LGBTQ +, … to pressure Hollywood to change.

Zendaya shined with Rue - an addicted character created by film producer Euphoria. She shared that one of the reasons she got this role was because the producer did not ask for any character skin color.

Zendaya, proud to be a black female artist, uses her background and popularity to speak out about gender equality, as well as to promote a black presence on screen. is with the seething Black Lives Matter movement. "My biggest goal is to create more room for people of the same skin color, because for a lot of black artists, they don't lack talent but lack opportunities," she shared when mentioned her role as Rue in the movie Euphoria.


Not necessarily talented artists or actors to be able to make a difference in Hollywood. Surely many will remember Greta Thunberg - a Swedish environmental campaigner born in 2003 made the world overwhelm with his messages and influence. Hulu - one of the big boys in the online cinema business has decided to produce a Greta documentary called I Am Greta, focusing on a little girl's journey to make an international impact. Greta also wants to use the film to continue to spread what he cares most about: climate change, environmental pollution and the future that young people will suffer if they don't turn it into change.

Through many different generations are shrinking. Each individual wishes to find less-popular movies and programs that have their own similarities and arouse deep empathy. And this will be the battle of the future between filmmakers. The appearance of cinematic works with new ideas and visions such as Crazy Rich Asian, Mulan or upcoming Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings with an all-Asian cast, or The films with leading female lead such as Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Star Wars: The Last Jedi … mark a positive update of Hollywood before the movement of equal rights. All exist with the considerable contribution of Gen Z - the generation that represents the equality and holds the future of the new world.