5 reasons why Hollywood movies being canceled

5 reasons why Hollywood movies being canceled

From Spider-Man to Superman, there is no superhero who has not undergone a tragedy being canceled for so many unpredictable reasons.

From past to present, Hollywood is famous for its scripts oh my god, that doesn't follow any rules. However, in addition to manufacturers who ignore everything to make money, there are also many difficult people willing to cancel a project if not satisfied. It's just that the reason for dropping their movie is even more shocking and unbelievable.

Superman Lives


DC fans could have witnessed the clash between two famous superheroes long before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) was released. After the success of the two Batman films played by Michael Keaton, Tim Burton plans to make Superman Lives based on the popular comic book The Death of Superman. Nicolas Cage was cast for the lead role and finished his costume testing before filming. But then, the project fell into oblivion for very ironic reasons.

The character has "closed the deal", the production studio also has, but then Superman Lives was canceled at the last minute because of confusing requests from Warner Bros. Documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? It is revealed that the company asked "Man of Steel" to fight a giant mechanical spider, or even let villain Lex Luthor own a space dog. The script eventually turned into a mess that depressed producers and left the project in droves.

The Bodyguard 2


Although not popular with critics, The Bodyguard (1992) was a huge success at the box office with $ 411 million from a budget of only 25 million, contributing to making a name for Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Of course, Warner Bros. It is foolish not to plan a second season and the heroine is none other than Princess Diana.

According to the original plan, she will play the lead role and have an emotional relationship with Frank (Kevin Costner) after being protected from paparazzi and "crazy fans". Wong Fei Wales expressed interest in the script. However, her sudden death caused the film to be canceled. The audience probably wouldn't know this story if Kevin Costner did not reveal it in an interview.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3


Although often criticized when compared to the Spider-Man series of Sam Raimi, The Amazing Spider-Man version still has a certain fan base. Evidence is that the second film brought in more than 700 million USD as well as set the stage for the appearance of the group Sinister Six and Mary Jane Watson (Shailene Woodley). However, criticism of the quality of the content caused Sony to begin to consider.

However, the "fatal" blow came from the e-mail of Amy Pascal - former president of Sony film studio was attacked by hackers, as a result revealing Sony's rejection of Marvel's invitation to cooperate. Fans started a strong wave of boycott that caused the project The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to be canceled. Andrew Garfield also suffered to replace it with a younger version played by Tom Holland to better fit the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Mathilda: The Professional


The great success of Léon: The Professional (1994) helped Natalie Portman make a mark in Hollywood when he was only 13 years old. The Mathilda: The Professional post-story was immediately planned with her to become a professional female killer. Of course, the Gaumont Film Company is forced to wait a few more years for the actress to grow up to the same age as the character.

During this time, director Luc Besson founded EuropaCorp and wanted to produce himself. Conflict occurred that caused him to lose the right to direct the work. Years later, the script was revised to Colombiana (2011), starring Zoe Saldana instead of "the lover of Thor".

Gladiator 2


After a resounding victory at both the Oscars and the box office, Gladiator (2000) was quickly scheduled for a second season. However, director Ridley Scott expected the film to be set in Rome, but neither fighter nor male lead Russell Crowe. The producer quickly rejected this project. Instead, they let Crowe hire his own screenwriter.

This scenario morphs to the point where protagonist Maximus is resurrected by God to kill Jesus and the apostles. Then, the general realized that this was just a test of the Most High. Because of this sin, you will be exiled into a warrior life forever, participating in all wars throughout human history. After reading the script, Crowe decided to leave the role without thinking.