Nobody To Release Its Super Trailer

Nobody To Release Its Super Trailer
Source: Nobody-To-Release-Its-Super-Trailer

The latest movie trailer from producer John Wick has been released, revealing many stunning action scenes.

The producer and screenwriter duo of hit action brand John Wick will return in 2021 with a brand new work called Nobody. In the first trailer just released, the film revealed many eye-catching melee scenes with veteran actor Bob Odenkirk.


In recent years, the heroic image in action works no longer only revolves around strong, muscular young guys. More and more old "uncle" continues to assert themselves in Hollywood such as Keanu Reeves with John Wick series, Tom Cruise with Mission: Impossible, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terminator. Following this trend, producer John Wick will bring a completely new original story about Hutch Mansell, an anonymous, ordinary man who possesses unpredictable secrets.

Always weary and sullen, Hutch Mansell is just a middle-aged man living a boring life with repetitive office work. In one encounter with a stranger who broke in, he did not try hard to fight back, but just helplessly endured and watched them escape. Not being trusted by his children and always looked down on by other people, Hutch suppressed in himself countless negative emotions and anger, as rightly said: “There is a part of me that sleeps in my heart, so desperate to escape . " Only when he sees the dreadful scene in front of him when a girl is bullied by thugs does he truly reveal his true self. Contrary to daily fatigue, Hutch hit the sky with a very professional blow, knocked all four thugs in the blink of an eye. Not only "unlock" for Hutch, but this unexpected clash also put him in unpredictable danger.

Accidentally causing hatred, Hutch did not know that the other group of thugs was related to a notorious boss. This makes him and his family become the target of being strongly hunted by the criminal gang. His always hidden past is also gradually revealed. What will you have to do to ensure the safety of the whole family? Could the combat skills of those days help him fight the overwhelming number of enemies?


With only less than 3 minutes of trailer, Nobody has made the audience feel surprised with the high level of action when bringing together epic action, gunfight and fire. The rushing rhythm, speed of the trailer further emphasizes the choking of the chase at large scale. Hutch Mansell's character is also portrayed authentically, different from many other male leads. He possesses the ultimate melee ability, carries a fierce spirit, uncompromising but is still an ordinary father with very simple concerns.

At the age of fifty, Golden Globe-nominated actor Bob Odenkirk still affirms that he is no less than his juniors when confidently performing fierce action scenes in The Unknown. Coming from the comedy show Saturday Night Live, for more than 30 years of his career, Bob Odenkirk has tried many different films with nearly 120 roles large and small. Best known by the audience through the hit crime series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk continues to affirm his acting skills in Oscar-winning films such as Nebraska, The Post, Incredibles 2 and Little Women.


Nobody is the work that marks an important milestone in the actor's career when Bob Odenkirk starred in an action work for the first time. Along with Bob Odenkirk there are two other famous stars, actress Connie Nielsen (Wonder Woman, Justice League) and veteran actor Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future, The Addams Family).

Not only has a quality cast, Nobody is also directed by an experienced production team. Producer duo David Leitch and Kelly McCormick who were behind the success of Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2 and Hobb and Shaw and John Wick series to create a whole new craze.

Full of elements of a quality action movie, Nobody with the story of a martial "old man" is sure to be a cinematic experience that cannot be missed in February 2021.