Kim Kardashian released 'harmful' photo with her sisters

Kim Kardashian released 'harmful' photo with her sisters

Not only the sisters but also netizens have to "denounce" the "odd" photo posted by Kim Kardashian.


Kim Kardashian today suddenly shared a photo of the sisters' past, but the results caused a stir on social networks and made the characters "tagged" in the photo extremely angry. The reason lies in the fact that Kim chose to show off the beauty that was once involved in plastic surgery by Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner, drowning Khloe's beauty and of course she shone.


As a "queen of social media", Kylie of course can not be ignored and immediately rushed to Kim's post to make her sister take the photo down. But what she received was a joke from Kim: "Should I Diddy crop you out?". For those who do not understand, Kylie once shared a photo taken with the whole rapper, including the "boss" Diddy. However, then Diddy cut Kylie and Kendall out of the photo when posting on Instagram personally. That's why Kim Kardashian uses this male rapper's name as a verb just to crop Kylie's photo out of the frame.




Kim looks quite different from before, but is still at the prettiest level of the lineup. Kylie Jenner revealed a completely different beauty than before, she was accused of having plastic surgery to restore her entire beauty, especially pumping her lips. Kendall Jenner - the tallest model in the world molts so spectacularly, but people still suspect that Kendall has fixed her nose.