BAFTA changed 120 rules just for criticizing of being outdated

BAFTA changed 120 rules just for criticizing of being outdated

The prestigious BAFTA - Oscar of England award has just undergone a "major surgery" to bring equality of race and gender to the nominated individuals.

The UK Academy Film Awards, or BAFTA for short, has just officially announced that it will completely change its award system. Specifically, there are 120 big and small adjustments in the new scoring and awarding process. This is a move made with the aim of creating more opportunities and recognition for talent from minority groups, the most typical example being people of color.

In January of this year, BAFTA announced a "set-up" nominating all white actors, as well as the list for the Best Director category which is only male. At that time, many people had to say: Wow, this old BAFTA will soon become an out-of-date award if it doesn't change and recognizes many talents from other communities.

These changes are described as a "new innovative start" by Mr. Krish Majumdar - the president of BAFTA, after the award received much criticism for the lack of ethnic diversity, gender in a few major items earlier this year. In all 120 laws undergoing revision, there are a few highlights to note the most as follows:

Adopt additional members from minority groups


This award pledges to admit 1,000 members from small communities to the film judging council over the next two years, making a total of 6,700 members.

"We need to reflect society, not just what is happening in the industry, because the cinema is really not good enough now," said chairman, Majumdar. He is also the first person of color to lead this award since June.

Limit the game of burning money to "pave the way"


If film studios were able to pour money to run high-scoring campaigns for their movies before, BAFTA now offers a "ceiling price" to ensure fairness in the game. The exact number remains a secret, but the award's film board chairman Marc Samuelson has also revealed that this will "reduce the race to burn money to see who's richer".

Add the number of female directors

The changes to BAFTA's election law will ensure that the judging panel will have a sufficient number of male and female candidates to be selected for the final list of nominations. More specifically, the six nominated nominations will be drawn from a list of 20 names, half of which must be female.

It is hard to believe that since 1969 (the first time BAFTA appeared) until now, only 5 women have entered the list of nominees for the best director award. Of those, only one winner, director Kathryn Bigelow for the 2010 film The Hurt Locker. She was also the last person to be nominated for this category with the 2013 film Zero Dark Thirty.

What will the upcoming BAFTA award look like?


Contrary to the poor cinema situation of 2020 when most of the blockbusters are rescheduled, BAFTA 2021 seems to have difficulty in selecting a complete list of movies, faces that meet the criteria.


Currently, although BAFTA has loosened the criteria for women or artists of color, many people are still thinking that Christopher Nolan's blockbuster Tenet will "probably" win the top prize, Best Film and Best Producer. Some works such as the lesbian film Ammonite by Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet, and the film The Woman in the Window by Amy Adams are also expected to bring success at BAFTA, although not yet screened due to translation COVID-19.


The BAFTA 2021 award is scheduled to be held on April 11 next year - 2 months behind schedule due to the impact of the epidemic.