7 cartoons with unforgettable original soundtracks of childhood

7 cartoons with unforgettable original soundtracks of childhood

These cartoons are not only attracted to the plots and characters, with deep-meaning stories but their original soundtr...

These cartoons are not only attracted to the plots and characters, with deep-meaning stories but their original soundtracks are also so good and even become immortal to the audience, no matter how you are when you hear these songs.

The Lion King


The Lion King is not only a movie entertainment for kids but it embraces many meaningful messages about the life around us, love, and a deep desire for peace. It's not surprising that the movie has received many awards.

Some famous songs in the movie's soundtracks are: "Circle of Life", "I Just Can't Wait To Be King", "Hakuna Matata", "Can You Fell The Love Tonight"... 



Fans of Pocahontas will always remember the song "Colors of The Wind" written by Stephen Schwartz and composed by musician Alan Menken. The song is a pop ballad called out people top live peacefully with mother nature and respect other living creatures on the planet. The song was sung by singer Vanessa Williams.

Prince of Egypt


The lyrics of "When you believe" will always bring such beautiful feelings for the listeners. The song also marked the phenomenon collab of two worldwide divas, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. The song sends a message: There can be miracles when you believe.



"You’ll Be In My Heart" is sung by Phil Collins as the soundtrack for Tarzan. Phil even wrote this song and performed it under many other foreign languages, such as German, French, Spanish, Bulgarian and Italian.



The romantic love song in UP has made the audience burst in tears. Carl and Ellie were childhood friends. They'd always dreamed of exploring the gigantic world and Ellie could write down those journeys in her diaries. Unfortunately, Ellie passed away and her dream was left.

Carl then connected a bunch of balloons together with the house which had his wife's photo in it, so that she could continue discovering the world.



Mulan is the 36th of Walt Disney, based on a Chinese story about Mulan. The soundtrack of the movie, "Reflection" didn't win awards but it definitely wins over the audience's heart, along with the touching voice of Christina Aguilera. This could also be considered as a milestone during her singing career.



Frozen was nominated in the top 10 best-selling cartoon movie soundtracks. "Let It Go" has become one of the songs that were covered under most foreign languages. No matter how old you were or where you went, there was the time that this song was played in every corner of the streets.