6 best roles of Ryan Reynolds apart from 'Deadpool'

6 best roles of Ryan Reynolds apart from 'Deadpool'

Ryan Ryan Reynolds is a talented actor with many good movies, although it wasn't until he joined Deadpool that his name...

Ryan Ryan Reynolds is a talented actor with many good movies, although it wasn't until he joined Deadpool that his name began to shine. Let's take a look at this guy's list of good roles.

Just Friends (2005)


This is the movie that helped Ryan Reynolds become a sought-after star in the romantic comedy genre. Just Friend follows a fat guy named Chris who was refused by his crush because of his appearance. Growing up, Chris became successful and had a beautiful girlfriend. His life suddenly turned upside down when he accidentally met his past crush and it was at this time that Chris found his true self. What choice will he make regarding his feelings?

Chaos Theory (2008)


This film, while little known, is one of the movies where Ryan Reynolds showed off his most natural acting. It centers around a man who gets sick of life because he always has to set fixed schedules and follow them every second. However, this made his wife feel unhappy, and she decided to adjust her husband's clock 10 minutes late. This small change caused a series of ridiculous events that made him understand the true value of life.

Mississippi Grind (2015)


This is also a film that is less known or even forgotten in the career of Ryan Reynolds, but it is very interesting. Ryan Reynolds in the film plays a young gambler associated with an old gambler who is in debt. Together, they participate in a famous Poker tournament in New Orlands to earn a huge amount of money that can change their lives.

Safe House (2012)


Safe House is a successful thriller thanks to the good acting of Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. Ryan plays the newcomer Matt of the CIA, while Denzel plays the traitor Tobin. Tobin was arrested in Cape Town and taken to Safe House, the name of the houses built by the CIA for secret intelligence missions. However, a group of mercenaries attacked the house forcing Matt to save Tobin and the two embarked on a dangerous escort journey.

The Proposal (2009)


This is the most talked about movie of 2009 thanks to the witty acting of Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. Andrew is an assistant who one day received an offer from his boss Margaret to act as her fiance. And of course, the two went through a crazy story when Andrew and his fake fianceé met his family. Eventually, they fell in love with each other and a happy ending came with a sweet proposal.

Burried (2010)


This film is highly appreciated by critics. It is all the more interesting as it is one of the rare works where there is only one actor. This thrilling film tells the story of a truck driver who suddenly wakes up in a coffin underground. He did not understand why he was there and had to find ways to survive in the extremely cramped space. Most people will get disturbed by the small space the movie cleverly introduces.