Gorgeous Dua Lipa and her outstanding street-styles

Gorgeous Dua Lipa and her outstanding street-styles

It's not wrong when saying that Dua Lipa is a full-package as she is not only gorgeous, has amazing musical skills but...

It's not wrong when saying that Dua Lipa is a full-package as she is not only gorgeous, has amazing musical skills but she also knows how to dress and always looks good no matter where she goes.


Dua Lipa was praised by many fans for her personality when she and her boyfriend Anwar Hadid went down the street on July 17. She wears a black tree with a cut open chest shirt, Dion Lee's mesh pants, Chrome Hearts x Bella sunglasses and Alexander Wang sneakers.


One day earlier, the pop star caught the attention of Alexander Wang's black-cut chest cut-out set on the streets of New York (USA).


The beauty promotes a dynamic style with a Vivienne Westwood corset, Alexander Wang jeans, Gucci socks and Prada shoes.


At the end of May, Dua Lipa hung out in London (UK) wearing Madhappy speckled shirts, Prada bags and Nike sneakers. The singer broke with hair dyed two colors.


The singer repeatedly played his boyfriend when he returned to the UK earlier this year. She prefers loose-fitting pants with open-waist tops and sneakers accented by light-colored socks and blue Prada handbags.


Dua Lipa shows off her abs with Nike bra and Homage sneakers when on the street. She kept warm with Adam Selman hoodie and Balenciaga checkered jacket.


In February, she went out on the street with a familiar blending formula: wide-legged jeans, Nike shoes and Chanel bra. She creates the overall highlight with Raf Simons charm necklace, dark blue sunglasses and Chanel handbags.


Previously, fans complimented Dua Lipa wearing "simple yet stylish" with leather jacket set, crop-top and dark blue culottes, pressed against B-Low belt and Prada bag.


In January, Dua Lipa turned the office lady with Off-White pants, Alexander Wang sweater and pointed heels. She likes Hotlip jewelry, often coordinated with both events and daily design.

Dua Lipa was born in 1995 in the UK, released her first single in 2015. In 2017, she became a global star with the hit "New Rules". In 2018, her hit "One Kiss" in collaboration with DJ Calvin Harris received the "Song of the Year" award at the Brit Awards - Britain's top prestigious music award.