Outstandings In The Year-end Billboard 2020 Chart

Outstandings In The Year-end Billboard 2020 Chart
Source: Outstanding-In-The-Year-end-Billboard-2020-Chart

Recently, Billboard has announced a series of year-end charts so that audiences can look back on a special year in the world music industry.

Recently, Billboard has announced a series of year-end charts to summarize the past year, which is also a time for audiences to look back on a year with many unprecedented changes to the global music industry. Although the Covid-19 situation is complicated all over the world, the artists still adapt to the new situation, still releasing a series of quality music products, imbued with personal impressions and creating new new trend.

Let's see how your idol has "done" on Billboard's chart system in this very special 2020!

The artists "top of the top" in 2020: BTS ranks above both Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga!


In the first chart - Top Artists of 2020 (The top artist of 2020), the leading name surprised many audiences: Post Malone. Although he is still not widely known, the past year has been a very successful time for Post Malone on the Billboard chart, receiving the favor of a large audience in the US.

With "super product" After Hours, The Weeknd is still "slipping" to No. 2 in the Top Artist list. It is noteworthy: out of the top 10 positions in the top 10, all 9 names belong to men when some familiar names such as Drake, Juice WRLD, Harry Styles hold 5th, 6th and 8th position respectively. In the top 10, only Taylor Swift is the representative of women, naturally becoming the most popular female artist in 2020.

In the top 20, we also have some notable names like Billie Eilish (# 11), Dua Lipa (# 12), Justin Bieber (# 15) and it's impossible not to mention BTS appearing at # 18. pretty high. The position of Big Hit's boygroup is even higher than Doja Cat (# 22), Ariana Grande (# 27), Selena Gomez (# 41), Lady Gaga (# 44), ...

The Weeknd's super product leads the list of songs, "removing antlers" somewhat saddened by Grammy's disregard.


After being "ignored" by Grammy, completely removed from the nomination list, The Weeknd's "super product" Blinding Lights was recognized by Billboard as the number one song in the list of 100 most "top" songs in 2020. This can be seen as a bit of "comfort" to The Weeknd after the sadness of "empty-handed" at Grammy, despite the fact that he had an After Hours album bursting with praise from professionals and chart achievements.

Dua Lipa's hit "Don't Start Now" also appeared at No. 4, the song by the female artist with the highest ranking on Billboard's year-end chart. The viral songs in 2020 such as Say So by Doja Cat hold 11th place, Dance Monkey of Tones & I stopped at # 14, WAP of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion only climbed to 24th.

BTS's biggest hit in 2020 - Dynamite - also "has fun" on the list at No. 38, ranking above the bad guy of Billie Eilish (# 46), Rain On Me by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande (# 48), Justin Bieber's Yummy (# 58), ...

Taylor Swift folklore ranks lower than expected


Despite being a hugely successful album in 2020, Taylor Swift's folklore appears only at No. 5 on Billboard's list of the "top" albums of 2020. It seems that this year Billboard is quite fond of Post Malone when the leading position on the year-end album chart continues to belong to him with the album Hollywood's Bleeding. The Weeknd's After Hours only appeared at No. 8 on the chart.

BTS's Map Of The Soul: 7 album thereby also stopped at No. 20, ranked on Changes by Justin Bieber (# 26), Chromatica by Lady Gaga (# 50), ... Except for BTS, BLACKPINK and NCT are also the Kpop representatives appearing on the album list of the year from Billboard. However, the positions of these two groups are quite low: BLACKPINK's The Album holds No. 189 while NCT # 127: Neo Zone, The 2nd Album of NCT 127 "closed" at the lowest position.