Dua Lipa officially released the remix version of Levitating, but the reaction of netizens is completely contrary to what was expected before.

The news that Dua Lipa will release the remix version of Levitating, a song from the Future Nostalgia album, has made fans extremely interested. The product is molded from the DJ and producer The Blessed of Madonna, in addition, Dua Lipa also invited two more “monuments” and “classic” names, each with a illustrious career in the past and an influence. Extensive into modern music, Madonna and rapper Missy Elliott.


After announcing this monumental collaboration, many audiences expressed their excitement, expecting the remix to continue to make a big hit in the career of New Rules vocalist. Yet, by the time the Levitating remix version was released, it was everywhere to see the social media “lightly” disgusted as “a mess”. Most netizens agree that the original Levitating played by Dua Lipa alone is many times better than this catastrophic remix.


Perhaps, the music video for the Levitating remix has partially salvaged Dua Lipa’s collaboration this time. Although produced during the epidemic, the crew also invested a lot in terms of images with many eye-catching frames. Notably, the MV also has the appearance of male model Anwar Hadid, Dua Lipa’s current boyfriend. In addition, MV Levitating also contains extreme scenes by Missy Elliott. The saddest thing is Madonna because the “queen of pop” does not appear in the MV, but only plays the role of voice.


At the end of last March, Dua Lipa released the Future Nostalgia album, which received much praise from professionals for cleverly mixing the disco style of the 70s and 80s with modern electronic music. Her productivity far exceeds that of her colleagues in 2020 because she is doing her best to break out of the shadow from the hit New Rules.


After the collaboration with DJ The Blessed Madonna, female rappers Missy Elliott and Madonna, Dua Lipa will release more remixes because all the tracks on the Future Nostalgia album are announced by Dua Lipa to be mixed and “invited” more senior artists, helping her to properly express the spirit of this album.