The most productive artist in 2020: Dua Lipa

The most productive artist in 2020: Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa - the female artist is definitely the most productive in 2020, despite the raging Covid-19 epidemic that has a...

Dua Lipa - the female artist is definitely the most productive in 2020, despite the raging Covid-19 epidemic that has a direct impact on the global music scene.


At the end of last March, Dua Lipa released the album "Future Nostalgia", which received praise from professionals for cleverly mixing the disco style of the 70s and 80s with modern electronic music. Her productivity far exceeds that of her colleagues in 2020 because she is doing her best to break out of the shadow of "New Rules".


In order to promote "Future Nostalgia", within 5 months she released 4 MVs with completely different styles. The promotion activities on social networks have been promoted, showing how Dua Lipa dedicated to this album. Not stopping there, not letting the audience "catch up", recently Dua Lipa has just announced a series of more "big" projects standing "in line" from now until the end of the year in the promotional chain for " Future Nostalgia "stunned fans. Specifically, in the status line posted on social networks, Dua Lipa said that on August 21, she will release a brand new remix album of "Future Nostalgia" with DJ cum The Blessed Madonna producer.


She also continues to introduce a series of upcoming projects: Next on August 14 will be the song "Levitating" with the voice of two musical legends, namely "Queen of Pop" Madonna and "Queen of Hip-hop" Missy Elliott. Also on the same day was the launch of the song "Physical" featuring Gwen Stefani, remixed by Mark Ronson. All the tracks in Future Nostalgia will be re-mixed and so much more! "Too much music to listen to!

It can be seen with the remix of the album "Future Nostalgia", Dua Lipa has invited all the names of the "monumental" and "classics", each with a illustrious career in the past and profound influence on the background. modern music. Her "shaking hands" with the senior artists also clearly shows the spirit of both nostalgia and modernity of the album title "Future Nostalgia". The poster Dua Lipa announced is retro nostalgic, with the participation of Madonna, Missy Elliott, Gwen Stefani, …


However, despite the "noisy" product launch as well as the extremely productive MV release and positively evaluated by experts, Dua Lipa has not been really successful in terms of revenue. Specifically, the album "Future Nostalgia" only debuted at No. 4 on the US Billboard 200 and No. 2 on UK Albums Chart of the UK, far below expectations. The debut of an album at the Billboard 200 or UK Albums Chart is a lot easier than reaching # 1 on the song chart, but Dua Lipa was unable to do so even with the effects. first week of launch.

In terms of singles alone, Dua Lipa's 5 singles have steadily declining achievements: "Don't Start Now" took 19 weeks to reach # 2 Billboard Hot 100, "Don't Start Now" just reached # 2. # 60, "Break My Heart" has risen to # 17 while "Hallucinate" is "unrelated" and nowhere on the Billboard Hot 100. The release of a remix version along with revamped songs, inviting more "legends" to contribute her voice didn't help her any more in sales, but at least it would be nodding from music experts. Hope Dua Lipa will be luckier in the future comebacks.