Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa to talk about BLACKPINK

Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa to talk about BLACKPINK

Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and Dua Lipa all gave praises to this YG girl group.


Up to now, BLACKPINK is a Kpop girl group with a lot of success on their way to America. It was recognized after 3 collaborations of the YG girl group with international stars Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Selena Gomez. Not only in terms of achievements, but after their cooperation, international stars give a lot of good compliments to the 4 YG girls.

Recently while making up and chatting, Selena Gomez once again mentioned BLACKPINK with very sweet comments. So let's remember, how the 3 international female stars talked about BLACKPINK after the combination.

Dua Lipa regretted and opened about the next feating


Dua Lipa is the first female USUK artist that BLACKPINK cooperates. Kiss And Make Up a b-side song from the album Dua Lipa (Complete Edition). This product has achieved certain success in the music market when receiving BRIT certification in the UK, platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of Australia (ARIA) as noted by the ARIA Council.

After this "misty" combination, Dua Lipa shared about the YG girl group in an interview with Kiss FM radio station. Specifically, one audience asked her, "Will you and BLACKPINK release the music video for 'Kiss And Make Up'?" And Dua Lipa's answer: "What a pity, not this time. But if so, it's too good. I really love these girls and wish to work with them But since both schedules are overlapping, it is impossible to shoot a MV together, however, if there is a chance we will quickly collaborate on a new song and will Trying to make a super cool MV ".

Kiss And Make Up is just a b-side on Dua Lipa's album, simply a combination of 50-50 song sharing for each party, no MV, no big image promotion. Also because they were not 100% invested, the fans could not help but be eager and looking forward to a more spectacular and more impressive combination of Dua and BLACKPINK.

In episode 10 of BLACKPINK Diaries, fans also had the opportunity to "be happy" after hearing Dua's sweet words to BLACKPINK: "The queens, I love you. Amazing, talented and extremely beautiful. Can't wait for the day when the world is ready for you! Send lots of love to girls! "

Lady Gaga asserted: "It's an interesting combination!"


Lady Gaga is the second international artist to collaborate with BLACKPINK. They released the song Sour Candy at the end of May. Just like Kiss And Make Up, this is a song that combines the number of songs equally and has received a lot of support from listeners both in Korea and the US.

The fact that an influential artist in the world music market combined with BLACKPINK has attracted a lot of attention from the audience, not only that, this artist also highly appreciated and praised the 4 girls. Specifically, in an interview with the Japanese media - tvgroove, Lady Gaga revealed: "I was really excited to hear them translate the lyrics into Korean. It was fun and creative, surprised to hear their voices. They are all young, beautiful and talented women. I'm so proud to be the 5th member of BLACKPINK in this song. "

Accordingly, when asked about the reason for choosing BLACKPINK to work with, the female singer frankly shared: "I love all the young female artists. I don't want to fight with anyone and hope for everyone. I always support and love it.I want to honor them because I love strong women like them and they honor me too. We had a great time […] When I called them and asked if they wanted to make a song with me, they were so happy and motivated to do it. An interesting combination ”.

Selena Gomez complimented "cool" and admitted that she learned a lot from BLACKPINK


And most recently is the collaboration between Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK in Ice Cream. More than 2 times ago, Ice Cream is a more carefully invested song: there is a MV, a strong promotional image.

Most recently, the BLACKPINK fan community had the opportunity to "rejoice" when they heard the sweet sharing of Selena Gomez about YG's girls in an interview. Specifically, the female star shared: "This is the first time I collaborate with BLACKPINK, I think this is as great as a dream. The collaboration opens up to me a new world with new experiences. And I am quite excited because my image turns out to be what I thought before.I have to tell more about the coolness of BLACKPINK, they are so cool. Feel the sweetness of these girls. "

And when asked if Selena has any advice that she wants to give to BLACKPINK based on the experience she has in her career, she did not hesitate to say: "I think I have learned a lot of experience. More than from BLACKPINK: from style to spirit, and especially they work extremely hard Until we talk about the story, they once again make me admire because of the discipline and talent. Nothing can be difficult for them, they will try their best until they reach their goal. "

Not stopping there, closing her share about BLACKPINK, she also has a very bold answer: "My girls are so amazing. Oh what should I do? I miss them too much!"