Reaction Of Stars To 2021 Grammy Nominations

Reaction Of Stars To 2021 Grammy Nominations
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Immediately after the American Academy of Music announced the 2021 Grammy nominations list, the reaction of the US-UK artist series is something that is interested in the music community.

The American Academy of Music has officially announced nominations for the 2021 Grammy Awards. As soon as this list is announced, not only the fans stirred many controversial opinions but also a series of artists. So is the US-UK.

After the 2021 Grammy nomination list was announced, immediately on the personal pages, the US-UK star series expressed many different attitudes.

The Weeknd spoke up when he was not nominated


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The album After Hours has been highly appreciated by professionals and fans alike. Obviously, this is one of the most successful albums in The Weeknd's music career. From the difficult review site Pitchfork scored 7.9 points to a series of prestigious awards from VMAs to AMAs 2020 that took place recently.

However, at Grammy 2021, The Weeknd was completely empty. Scanning from top to bottom, there was no item with his name on it. Obviously, this makes the majority of fans express their frustration on behalf of the male artist, because everyone recognizes the album After Hours as top quality.

Before the wave of fan discontent, The Weeknd recently spoke on Twitter with a very harsh attitude, not afraid to criticize the Grammy Council: "The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency ... "

Nicki Minaj posted Grammy insults tweet


Like The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj is also empty-handed at Grammy 2021. Thus, from 2016 until now, Nicki Minaj has not once again been named at this awards ceremony.

And equally male Blinding Lights star Nicki Minaj tweeted expressing his frustration about Grammy: "Never forget one thing that Grammy didn't give me the Best New Artist award, while I have 7 songs simultaneously on the Billboard chart and outperformed any female rapper in the first week in the past decade - this has inspired a generation. give that award to white men Bon Iver. #PinkFriday) ".

Indeed, at the 2011 Grammy Awards, Nicki Minaj received four nominations, including the Best New Artist category. But that year she completely did not bring back any golden trumpets. In contrast, the band Bon Iver, although received only 3 nominations but has won 2/3 awards, and obviously has the category of Best New Artist.

Justin Bieber received the nomination but still mocked Grammy


This year's Grammy, Justin Bieber was honored to receive four nominations, including the categories Best Pop Solo Performance, Best Pop Duo / Group Performance, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Country Duo / Group Performance.

However, the male star was still disappointed, not in the number of nominations but because Grammy put his R&B album Changes into the Best Pop Vocal Album category. Therefore, Justin Bieber posted a long post on Instagram to correct, hope everyone does not mistake the Changes album of the Pop genre.

Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, BTS and a series of artists expressed their feelings and celebrate


It was not unexpected that the impressive album forklore along with the songs inside earned Taylor Swift five Grammy nominations this year. She also expressed her joy on Twitter as well as Instagram with a photo of her sharing her happiness via video call with her team.

Dua Lipa is equally happy. She received up to 6 Grammy nominations in 2021. For a new artist like her, getting this number is beyond imagination. Dua Lipa quickly expressed her surprise, disbelief in her eyes mixed with her joy on Twitter.


In the past, BTS has repeatedly expressed their desire to receive a Grammy nomination, so when they heard that they would excel in the Best Pop Duo / Group Performance category with the song Dynamite at Grammy 2021, the boys could not help but be happy. Although the time of announcing the results was almost 3am in Korea, V, Jungkook, RM and Jimin together watched the ceremony live together and recorded their truest feelings.


After a moment of losing their temper, BTS sent their gratitude to fans and Recording Academy on their Twitter account. They wrote in Korean and English: "Thank you for listening and sympathizing with our music during the difficult times. Above all else, ARMY is the one who made the miracle of becoming an artist. The Grammy nominations come true. Thank you and always love you. Thank you @RecordingAcad for this great honor. "