AMAs 2020: Ariana Grande Is Empty-Handed Again

AMAs 2020: Ariana Grande Is Empty-Handed Again
Source: AMAs 2020 Ariana Grande Is Empty-Handed Again

November 23, the AMAs 2020 awards ceremony officially took place, awards at various categories were also announced.

November 23, the American Music Awards 2020 (AMAs 2020) officially took place. A total of 32 categories corresponding to the number of awards were named the winners.

Here are some notable points at the AMAs 2020 awards ceremony:

The Weeknd won 3 awards

Right from the time of announcing the nomination list of AMAs 2020, with the number of nominations of 8 leading the list, The Weeknd is likely to be a big winner at this awards ceremony.

However, in truth, The Weeknd only got 3 awards at AMAs 2020, including Favorite Song - Soul / R & B (Favorite song - Soul / R & B genre) with Heartless, Favorite Album - Soul / R & B (Love album like - Soul / R & B genre) with album After Hours and Favorite Male Artist - Soul / R & B (Favorite male artist - Soul / R & B genre).

The Weeknd caught the attention of the AMAs when it came to real makeup. At first glance, everyone thought that the guy had just suffered a serious injury but still attended the award ceremony. But in truth, this is just the makeup to match the concept of his album After Hours.

Taylor Swift won the big prize but was still a step backwards ...

Remember at the AMAs awards ceremony last year, Taylor Swift was considered the focus of the program when she received 6 awards, including the grand prize Artist Of The Year (Artist of the year) along with the stage performance. flexible and overwhelmed.

And this year, right from the announcement of the nomination, Taylor Swift did not make a strong impression when only bringing in 4 nominations. In the AMAs 2020, Taylor Swift continues to receive the Artist of the Year award, in addition to the other two awards, Favorite Music Video (Favorite MV) with cardigan and Favorite Female Artist - Pop / Rock (Favorite female artist - genre Pop / Rock).

BTS received 2 familiar awards as usual

At AMAs 2020, the boys from kimchi country continued to win 2 familiar awards as in previous years, including Favorite social artist (Favorite artist on social networks) and Favorite dou or group - pop / rock (Favorite couple / group). BTS has won a prestigious victory, surpassing other big USUK stars such as Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, and Jonas Brothers.

Thus, this is the third year that BTS has received the Favorite Artist award on social networks and is the second year that BTS has received the Favorite Couple / Group Award.

Ariana Grande is "empty-handed" at the AMAs

Despite receiving 3 nominations at AMAs 2020, Ariana Grande is less fortunate than her other colleagues. Voice of God Is A Woman did not receive any awards at the awards ceremony.