Black Lives Matter: Stars protest against racism

Black Lives Matter: Stars protest against racism

Many Hollywood stars did not mind the danger of joining the anti-racist movement in America. Black Lives Matter. The...

Many Hollywood stars did not mind the danger of joining the anti-racist movement in America. Black Lives Matter.

The fact that George Floyd was strangled to death by white police officers during his arrest sparked a wave of outrage throughout the United States. After expressing their views over the death of a black man on social networks, a large number of people decided to get out on the streets, despite the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Among them, many artists also joined the flow of people to contribute their efforts in this movement. Even they did not hesitate to face the gun of the police. It can be said that this is the culmination of Hollywood's racial struggle in particular and the United States in general.

Small in stature, but Ariana Grande has a big heart. The singer and her friends rallied to Beverly Hills and West Hollywood over the weekend. Ariana Grande said the group together chanted the slogan enthusiastically and passionately. Her image has been recorded and shared by many fans on social networks.


Halsey is probably the most enthusiastic star in this struggle. Standing in front of the police and being shot with plastic bullets, Halsey was determined not to give up. There is a lot of information that Halsey was arrested during the protest but the singer later corrected on social networks.


Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes holding hands to protest in Miami. The singer and her boyfriend carried a cardboard and carefully wore two layers of masks. Earlier, the couple also expressed a strong opinion about the George Floyd incident was killed by police.


Model Emily Ratajkowski went downtown Los Angeles to raise the sign to reclaim the fairness of the colored people. According to Emily's share, people protested peacefully until the police took violent action.


The daughter of Michael Jackson, model Paris Jackson brought the message “Peace. Love. Justice” in her “down the road”. She shared on social networks: “My heart is broken when I see everywhere is in flames. Violence is not the answer.”


Not only actively sharing meaningful stories during the US shock event, Kehlani also directly went out. One fan captured the image of a black singer when she participated in a protest with the people of Los Angeles.


While protesting in Minneapolis, actor Jamie Foxx also gave a moving speech in front of the public. Jamie Foxx thinks that what blacks taught their children was different from everything that was happening, even on television.


"Silence is a betrayal" - rapper Machine Gun Kelly wanted to encourage people to speak up to end the racist issue. He not only participated in one but many protests with his friends.


Michael B. Jordan - the male lead of the movie Black Panther dressed in black and covered his face when he was protesting. However, fans still recognized him and recorded the actor's moment to share on social networks.


Comedian Nick Cannon has been in Minneapolis to reclaim justice. He wore a shirt with the words "Please, I can't breathe" - a saying that victim George Floyd repeatedly begged the police while being strangled.


Tinashe ventured to the highway to draw attention to the "Black Lives Matter" sign. This is also a familiar slogan in the anti-racist movement at the moment.


Appearing quietly but each time black people were killed innocent, J. Cole was in agreement with the people. 3 years ago, the male rapper protested when a man named Eric Garner died unjustly in New York. Now J. Cole continues to fight for George Floyd.