Ariana Grande To Sing Her Heart Out In Excuse Me I Love You

Ariana Grande To Sing Her Heart Out In Excuse Me I Love You
Source: Ariana-Grande-To-Sing-Her-Heart-Out-In-Excuse-Me-I-Love-You

Really worried about Ariana Grande's lungs after hearing her showing off her vocals in the newly released documentary!

On the eve of the end of the year, the cult singer Ariana Grande released her own documentary called Excuse Me, I Love You. The work follows the music star of Thank U, Next during the Sweetener World Tour concert around the world, entertaining the audience with top-notch live performances and small stories on the sidelines. After their debut, Excuse Me, I Love You received many positive feedback from professionals.

A lovely little Ariana Grande


Revolving around the behind-the-scenes stories of the movie, viewers can see Ariana Grande when she is not surrounded by the limelight and the dazzle. The young girl appeared friendly, warm and always radiated positive energy to everyone. However, all of the positives of the film suddenly feels like ... fake, and is Ariana also "hiding" from this movie? Especially after so many sexual incidents, personal controversy that everyone knows she has experienced, Ariana appears in the movie still somewhat distant, incredibly perfect.

There was also a segment when Scooter Braun mentioned "Ariana was suffering about 6 or 8 months ago", but didn't say why. Based on the schedule of the Sweetener tour, perhaps many fans can also explore the industry, but the average audience cannot. There are so many dark events in Ariana's life such as her love affair with Pete Davidson, the death of Mac Miller or the suicide bombing of the show in 2017 ... all are not mentioned in the film, and this is only further pushed Ariana Grande away.

The only climax of the movie is when she freely tells the story of her dog having ... diarrhea and "poop" on the bed in front of the camera. In addition, all that left an impression on the audience was just the performances of Ariana Grande. Of course, all of these things from the movie are fascinating.

Ariana sings with all her heart

Because it is a documentary film recording the tour of Ariana Grande, Excuse Me, I Love You completes the performance segments of the young singer. In particular, the segments when Ariana show off her amazing voice are enough to make the audience admire.

However, the film does not feel as rounded as a music-focused work by Ariana Grande. The 25 songs appearing in Excuse Me, I Love You are all old and famous songs in her career. However, at the time when the female singer just released her 6th studio album titled Positions at the end of October, Excuse Me, I Love You did not have a new song by Ariana (for example, 34+ 35) also makes the work obsolete and old.



Excuse Me, I Love You is a good work, but can not bring the complete experience to audiences who want to approach, want to have a closer look at the singer. On the contrary, we can only see her little playful moments in a private jet, in the backstage everyone laughs and talks happily. Everything gets sugarcoat to the point of sweetness, and creates an unrealistic feeling when watching movies. It seems that this is just a 97-minute promotional video that is nothing more and no less.

Excuse Me, I Love You is currently showing on Netflix.