Even the US president couldn’t use these 7 artists’ music if he wants because they have already banned him to so do. Who are these powerful artists?


In 2018, Rihanna caught the president used her music on his Twitter status. Immediately, her staff prepared an attachment and sent it to the White House and required him to stop using her music.


Elton John

During the election, Donald Trump had used two of Elton’s songs, Rocket Man and Tiny Dancer as warm-up songs for his campaign. He said that his political point is far different from Trump, so he said that he didn’t want the president to use his music.



In 2016, the representative of Adele spotted the president played her songs at his campaigns and gave out an official announcement that she didn’t allow him to play any of her songs.


Pharrell Williams

After noticing that Trump used the song “Happy” at a protest just a few hours after a gunfight took place at the Pittsburgh conference in October 2018, Pharell and his lawyer sent out a request dedicated to the president to stop doing that. The singer even sent an email, stated that there were no “happy” about the country’s situations that the leader chose his song “Happy” for his campaign.



Trump used the iconic song of Prince, “Purple Rain” and that was what made the singer’s relatives didn’t feel respectful.

Omarr Baker, Prince’s stepbrother said on behalf of the family, asked the White House to stop doing that.


The Rolling Stones

Ever since 2016, the rock band has called out Trump for using their hit songs. However, the president continued playing their song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.

In June 2020, The Rolling Stones‘s representative worked with BMI – a leader in music rights management, advocates for the value of music, representing – released a statement saying that Donald Trump could be sued if he still uses the band’s songs during his canvass.


Neil Young

In 2015, Neil Young started his war with the US’s leader after Trump used his hit songs, “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

Despite the aggressive oppose of the artist, a representative of the Rolling Stones said that the song was legally used. This even got on Neil Young’s nerves more that he even thought of suing the president.