Director Josh Cooley has been confirmed to work with writers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari for the new animated ‘Transformers’ prequel.

Josh Cooley

Josh Cooley, who co-wrote and directed the Oscar-winning Toy Story 4, has been confirmed to helm a big-screen animated Transformers feature.

Entertainment One, Hasbro’s entertainment studio, will be the one developing and producing the film along with Paramount Animation.

Screenwriting partners Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, known for Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man franchise, will write the script.

The project will act as a prequel of sorts to the live-action Transformers movies, and will explore the origin of the heroic Megatron and the seeds of conflict between the harmony-seeking Autobots and domination-loving Decepticons.


Michael Bay directed five big-screen Transformers efforts from 2007-2017. Travis Knight helmed the ’80s-set prequel Bumblebee, which hit theaters in 2018.

For Cooley, the move positions him to be the animated version’s Bay, should the movie turn out to be a hit. In addition to winning the animated feature Oscar for Toy Story 4 earlier this year, Cooley was nominated for the original screenplay Oscar for 2015’s Inside Out.