The Kissing Booth 2 – has lost its “magic”, becoming an empty, predictable movie far inferior to part 1.


After the success of the first part, The Kissing Booth 2 was officially launched by Netflix, following the love story between Elle (Joey King) and Noah (Jacob Elordi) after he had to study away from home. Although it was expected, but The Kissing Booth 2 was a big disappointment when losing “magic”, the story was no longer attractive, but on the contrary, it made the film fall in the genre is both old and monotonous.

Too many narrative routes, but none of them matter


Unlike the first part which only revolves around the “double” of the main couple, The Kissing Booth 2 gives the audience 6 different story lines, but after all, none of them are memorable and popular. After Noah went to school at Harvard, Elle had to maintain a vague love relationship with him, then collided with his girlfriend Rachel (Meganne Young) of his best friend Lee (Joel Courtney), then rushed to worry for the next Kissing event. On the other hand, the arrival of new man Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez) also affects Elle’s “physiology”, causing her even more headache. In addition, on Noah, there is a new name, her friend Chloe (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) as beautiful as a model, and finally a small story without any connection to gay character Ollie ( Judd Krok).

Netflix’s new work multiplies the number of characters but accidentally ignores quality, because the small storylines throughout the movie are quite rough and simple to the point of being boring. Just watch the first 15 minutes, the audience will certainly see all the upcoming conflicts surrounding Noah and Elle, or Rachel’s explosion of the friendship between the female lead and boyfriend. Even the hot male student Marco approached Elle is not unexpected, and the misunderstanding when in love is too familiar to the viewer.

Most critical is the appearance of gay character Ollie when his role for the whole film is zero. In the film, he is secretly in love with a male friend but is afraid to confess. Knowing that, Elle advised Ollie and told her not to let other people’s prejudices prevent him from doing what he wanted, because more than anyone else she understood that. This idea is completely illogical because Elle is comparing Ollie’s difficulties with her, while Ollie’s publicity of being gay and crush does not match the trouble between her and Noah in the distance. It can be seen that the crew only wanted to add LGBT elements to make the film more colorful but met the opposite reaction, the little screen time of Ollie and Miles became redundant and quickly in the eyes of the audience.

Dialogue shield forced, bland comedy also pulled big Hollywood stars out to joke


Besides the intricate plot lacking accents, The Kissing Booth 2 also made the fans disappointed by the cliché lines. Even, the film also fails to integrate elements of laughter, not graceful but sometimes controversial.

From phrases like “Do you think you and he were born for each other?”, Or “I love this city, and I love you” are like “stealing” out of love stories online . Even in the process of falling in love, Elle and Noah did not show any passionate passion except “I miss you”, “I miss you more”. With the limited ability of young actors to act, The Kissing Booth 2’s script did not give them too much land to make, most of the episodes were stereotyped and easy to forget.

Part 2 on the story of “marriage” also does not score on the humorous side when constantly bringing sensitive topics to joke. In one scene, Elle accidentally pressed the speaker for the whole school while commenting on Marco’s appearance. She constantly swirled around the most sensitive points on his body, at the same time the classmates kept laughing outward. In a time when school matters, especially criticizing others’ appearances, are being condemned, this is the unwise move of Netflix.

Even in one scene, the comedy of The Kissing Booth 2 became even less “charming” when dragging the sick past of Justin Bieber to ridicule. At this time, Noah and Chloe are going to see a standalone comedy, and the comedian praised Noah and Chloe for a beautiful couple, especially telling Noah to look like Bieber but before he was a “trucker”, referring to the time male singer often wear a trucker hat and cover his body with Lyme disease (a bacterial infection, which causes a redness in the skin) and a long time to fight the disease.

At the end of the film, when Noah asked “Do you love me, why?”, Elle answered quite generally as “Because it’s you” and as mentioned, both of them didn’t even bother to explain. Or sit down and talk seriously. Many viewers also joked that films like this made it so easy to get into Harvard (because Noah always urged Elle to switch to Harvard to study with him as if it were a normal thing).

Back to part 1, the audience was impressed with the idea of ​​a “kiss” to raise money for schools. This is also the “location” to help Noah and Elle become charming in absolute trust and trust. However, when it comes to part 2, the “marriage” that has lost its effect will be pushed back to the “backstage” as the background for the movie.


The story of The Kissing Booth 2 emphasizes the life of Elle and the characters that revolve around her, but it is the abandonment of the “kiss” factor that makes the film fall into the rut of old school school love. The film brings a series of problems for the audience, but the happenings and their endings are sometimes ridiculous, sometimes speeding up. The conflict between Elle and Rachel deepened as it reached a climax almost impossible to resolve, but ended up easily closed with just a kiss between Rachel and Lee. After that, she also turned to laugh at Elle even though they had not gone to a conciliatory act before.

Even the problems between Elle and Noah were easily resolved, even though Elle had kissed Marco passionately at the dance competition while suspecting Noah having an affair. This detail has caused the way to build a calm and honest female protagonist completely broken, even she admits she has feelings for Marco but still loves Noah. So who is to blame when falling in love Elle?


After all, even though seeing his girlfriend kissing with other people, but “bad boy” Noah is faithful and actually nothing shady with her other friend Chloe. After all, the main couple does not have a serious conversation but is … self-realizing and forgiving each other, embracing each other passionately like never had a separation.

From a desirable post-story, The Kissing Booth 2 becomes a teen-flick mess of Disney, like Camp Rock or High School Musical with a female heroine turned around by the world but then solved. everything with unrealistic miracles. There’s still a third season coming out in 2021, hoping that Netflix will bring the end of the series so beautifully to make up for the boring and tasteless Part 2.

The Kissing Booth 2 is currently available on the Netflix platform.