Low-budget filmmaking legend Roger Corman has found a way to keep burgeoning directors busy during self-isolation.

The director took to Instagram to announce the first “and hopefully last” Corman Quarantine Film Festival, and he’s asking for submissions from anyone with a smartphone and spare time (which is pretty much all of us).


Corman laid out the rules for the Festival, which are fairly simple. One, you have to film your submission either in your own home or backyard (it is the Quarantine Film Festival, after all). Second, you have to film it on your cell phone, so even if you happen to have a RED camera lying around you gotta stick with the iPhone. Finally, each film has to be under two minutes.

Then you tag your submission with #CormanChallenge and the director will review it and pick a winner in two weeks. Despite Corman’s background in pulp horror and action, there’s no specific genre for his festival (in the brief video, he says the story can be “anything you imagine”), so feel free to send him your best 120 second comedy or devastating family drama. The winning short will be featured on Corman’s social media and website, and he’ll cut a trailer of it himself.

Roger Corman

Corman has had a long and storied career in Hollywood, and has helped several huge directors get started in the business, including Francis Ford Coppola and Jim Cameron. If you’ve got a movie idea, it couldn’t hurt to enter Corman’s festival. At the very least, you’ll know the producer behind Death Race 2000 and Vincent Price’s House of Usher sat down and watched it.