5 Hollywood stars use fake abs on set

5 Hollywood stars use fake abs on set

Instead of working hard, many Hollywood male stars like Will Smith or Arnold Schwarzenegger choose to dress up to quick...

Instead of working hard, many Hollywood male stars like Will Smith or Arnold Schwarzenegger choose to dress up to quickly get the abs they want.

Fans always enjoy that the favorite actor from the usual "beer belly" image suddenly turns into 6 packs for the role. However, this is both a long and arduous training process. Sometimes because of the urgent production time, sometimes it's just because … lazy, many stars choose to dress up to finish.

Will Smith literally "appeared" in Aladdin


When it was announced that Will Smith played the role of Genie in the live-action Aladdin, the social network called it "a humiliation of memory" about Robin Williams. Looking at the original design, many fans agreed that it was not Genie in their childhood. Even that big, horrible body is not Will Smith.

In fact, the "green skin" version of Goddess has the face of actor Men in Black, but the body belongs to Adam Basil. He is a longtime stuntman for hit productions like Game of Thrones, Justice League and Beauty and the Beast.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan wears "fake muscle" in Watchmen


The superhero costumes in Watchmen are all actors' nightmares. Because director Zack Snyder has asked for the design to emphasize "coolness", not the level of comfort in movement or wear for a long time. However, the most miserable is Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Initially, the actor was said to not have enough money to play The Comedian. Therefore, he had to wear an additional prosthetic just below his tight clothing. Besides Jeffrey Dean Morgan, even the character Dr. Manhattan has the face of actor Billy Crudup but the body belongs to bodybuilder model Greg Plitt.

Male actor "hacked the ground" to be a master martial artist


We must pay tribute to Mr.'s makeup and costume team. Six when turning a veteran Chinese actor into a true action hand. Feng Xiaogang's film as a combination of John Wick and The Magnificent Seven revolves around an old generation crime boss who finds his old comrades to help protect his son from an emerging gang.

In the movie, the actor nearly reaches the age of 50 during production. He had to wear a fake outfit and undergo a lengthy process of makeup to have the alert, muscular body of a martial arts master.

Continuing a melodramatic performance of "The Terminator" Arnold Schwarzenegger


At the age of seventies, Arnold Schwarzenegger still possesses the body of many people who crave. He even stood firm when he was hit by an anti-fan behind him. However, when returning to the role that made a name for the T-800 in Terminator Genisys, the Austrian actor needed the help of the technique.

In the movie, he can easily transform into the aging version of Pops. However, the young time-traveler T-800 body belongs to bodybuilder Brett Azar.

"The trick" goes into the history of the 300 film brothers


It is true that the 300 cast members go through rigorous training. The process of preparing for this movie has actually inspired generations of fans to plan to possess bodies as beautiful as the legendary Greek gods by throwing tires or many other exercises. However, director Zack Snyder said that is not enough convincing.

Although the cast looks super cool when "loinclothing", the film crew still adds more effects to make the muscles look better. Many fans believe that Warner Bros. is very good at using cinematic tricks for the looks of actors but is quite absurd and impractical (like the fact that they once failed with Superman's beard in Justice League). At 300, the makeup team actually drew more or bolded the lines of the actor to look more athletic.