[Ranking] 15 Batman movies in history - Part 1

[Ranking] 15 Batman movies in history - Part 1

Let's take a look at the list of 15 Batman movies in order from worst to best. It's been 30 years since Tim Burton's ch...

Let's take a look at the list of 15 Batman movies in order from worst to best. It's been 30 years since Tim Burton's character was released, but the movie is still seen as a milestone that pushed the superhero movie line to the big screen.

Whether you agree with the above opinion or not, there are more Batman movies than any other superheroes.

15. Batman and Robin - 1949

Batman's worst movie was featuring the main character in a folded-ear suit and poor acting performance. Although Wizard - the villain of the movie, looks pretty cool, that was not enough to save 4 tedious hours of the film.


14. Batman - 1943

The film got a lot of attention because of the humorous transmission of racism in World War II, but Batman lacked a lot of things to win the audience's hearts. The movie also has exciting features such as taking the clock cabinet as the entrance to the Bat Cave.


13. Justice League - 2017

The movie went nowhere at all, and Ben Affleck's Batman didn't do as much as he did in Batman v Superman. It's also unviewable compared to Batman and Robin or The Dark Knight Rises.


12. Batman and Robin - 1997

Despite being poorly criticized, we must admit that the film also brought quite entertaining moments thanks to the acting of Uma Thurman and Arnold Schwarzeneggar.


11. The Dark Knight Rises (The Dark Knight Rises) - 2012

The main character in the movie is a rude and rigid Batman, unlike what the studio intended initially. This is also a prime example of how Nolan makes movies in Hollywood: divide the scripts into parts and arrange them according to his intentions. Bane (Tom Hardy) and his countdown nuclear weapons are never out of date.


10. Batman v Superman - 2016

The film was partly rescued thanks to Ben Affleck's acting, but Zack Snyder's script was quite simple and left many questions that need to be answered.


9. Batman - 1989

People remember the movie because it was the only Batman film in two decades. Although it was not very good, it was quite funny that the movie creates a young version of the Joker to kill Bruce Wayne's parents.


8. Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition

The film is entirely a better version than the old one, with many important details and characters that audiences have not seen before. This is seen as a remarkable effort to help the name of the film.