Naomi Campbell shared on her personal Instagram that she had lost someone she knew every day this week to the coronavirus.

The catwalk queen, 49, said she has had no time to mourn or be there for her loved ones just like everyone else due to the COVID-19 crisis.


In her latest Instagram over the weekend, the supermodel asked her 8.7 million fans to keep faith and maintain their optimistic attitude in the weeks to come.

The runway beauty stressed that the next two weeks were going to be the “toughest yet” in her talk.


Accompanying her words, the model posed for a selfie while she stayed inside during self-quarantine.

She wrote: “Going into week 4, these next 2 weeks are going to be toughest yet, every day this week we lost someone I know, there is no time to mourn or being able to be there for their loved ones.”

“PLEASE KEEP THE FAITH STRONG!! Breathe, rest and reset. Keep your spirits high and your attitude positive! Sending love.”

Naomi has been updating her fans on her daily life amid social distancing over the past few weeks.


In a recent interview, Naomi shared she had been doing some soul-searching and reflecting while she has been holed up in her home.

The model urged others to follow suit and look back on life as well.

She shared: “We can use this time to soul-search and reflect. We can’t come out the same way. We must not come out the same way.”

The beauty also thanked the health workers for their hard work at this difficult time.


“We are in fear, of course we’re in fear. We have something that we’re not clear of it.

“We’re learning what this beast is and we have to learn about it like we learn about anything else and right now, it’s at the forefront of all our minds.

“We’re learning everyday and we have to be grateful to God for the doctors and the nurses and the hotel workers and the delivery people, God bless them.”