Song Joong Ki To Come To Colombia To Resume Filming 'Bogota' Around July - August

Song Joong Ki To Come To Colombia To Resume Filming  'Bogota' Around July - August

The movie 'Bogota', which stopped filming overseas last year in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, is considering resuming filming this summer.


An official from Megabox Central PlusM, the distributor of 'Bogota', told News1 on March 24 about the resumption of overseas filming of the movie, "We are trying to prepare for filming now, but we can only check whether it is possible because COVID-19 is not over."

He added, "It is a situation where we need to go along with the schedule and sort out how it will be possible, and it is not a situation that has been discussed visually and concluded in detail. We are just considering filming overseas around July and August, and there is nothing we can say."

'Bogota' is a movie about young people who immigrated to Colombia in the 1990s. Director Kim Sung Je of 'The Unfair' took the megaphone, and actor Song Joong Ki and Lee Hee Jun will be the main cast.


The production team of 'Bogota' had been filming in Colombia since January last year, but they had to return home in March that year after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and the Colombian government closed the borders.

Initially, the movie was scheduled to crank up in May 2020, but the filming deadline was extended due to COVID-19. The amount of filming taken in Colombia is known to range from 40% to 45%. Last year, 'Bogota' also considered alternatives such as filming with domestic sets, but eventually announced that it decided to stick to filming at local locations.


An official at Megabox Central PlusM said, "We are also considering filming part of 'Bogota' in South Korea." Another official explained, "We are discussing what to do, and we are turning some percent of the remaining needed work into domestic filming. It is difficult to say anything, so we leave the whole possibility open."