The Emmy Awards 2020 ended with the overwhelming success of HBO, in addition, young actress Zendaya also made history with her victory.


The 72nd Emmy Award for the excellent American television series has just taken place with many new names being called, defeating the elders who have been fighting over the years. In general, most of the winning series are quite unfamiliar to Vietnamese audiences due to not being widely broadcast. The closest is probably a few “familiar faces” are too famous on Netflix such as Stranger Things, Better Call Saul or The Crown.


A standout victory in this year’s Emmy season is Zendaya as the Rue Bennett in the HBO series Euphoria. Known to the public from Disney’s Shake It Up, Zendaya flashed with his peers, selected for key roles in blockbuster series such as The Greatest Showman, Spider-Man and the upcoming Dune. Now, she has her first Emmy award in the important category as Best Female Lead in a drama series.

Not only that, Zendaya’s victory also made history when she officially became the youngest person to win this category at the age of 24. In order to win the prestigious trophy, “Spider-man Girlfriend” had to overcome the sisters nominated are Sandra Oh, Jennifer Aniston or Laura Linney.


Succession – a series of satirical HBO comedy series also defeated many competitors to bring victory in the best drama series category. This series is considered one of the “top” movies currently on US television. At the end of the Emmy Awards, the film also took home the Best Director and Writer award as well as the Best Male Lead award in the drama series for actor Jeremy Strong.


Another series of HBO also won strongly is Watchmen – the television version of the popular DC series of the same name, which was transformed into a famous movie by director Zack Snyder. Watchmen is honored to receive the Best Short Series award, as well as awards for Best Writer, Male Actor, and Female Lead.

Schitt’s Creek is the name that dominated the sitcom categories at this year’s Emmy Awards. CBC’s film has screened six seasons of sudden success this year with major awards being Best Comedy Series and Best Male Lead, Female Lead, Male Woman, Female, Director, Best Writer for comedy series.


Another notable name is actor Mark Ruffalo, also known as the Hulk for life in the Avengers team, who also recently received the Emmy award for his performance in the short series I Know This Much Is True also by HBO.

Although the COVID-19 epidemic interrupted film production, the majority of series eligible for this year’s Emmy season ran between June of last year and through May of this year. Thus, all films in competition have completed filming activities before a pandemic strikes. This is fortunate for the drama industry because with the epidemic, audiences spend more time at home enjoying works on TV or online TV services. Currently, even though COVID-19 is still going on, most of the films will have to return to production if they do not want to “starve” next year.