The second wave of Covid appeared in New Zealand, making the process of filming many blockbusters like Avatar 2 more difficult.


Covid-19 is still raging around the world and has not shown signs of stopping. Just a few days ago, New Zealand made many other countries optimistic by stopping the spread for more than 100 days. However, things changed when the second wave suddenly returned exactly like it was in Vietnam. Faced with that situation, a series of Hollywood blockbusters are shooting here must have the appropriate adjustment. Currently, the island nation has ordered quarantine when four members of a family tested positive for Covid-19. Auckland – home to Robert Downey Jr.’s upcoming Netflix project. is Sweet Tooth and a series of other movies and TV series are now filming – has asked staff to work from home for a few days.


Wellington, where Avatar 2 is filming, can continue with production as the city has only recently been rated a Level 2 warning. Currently, Level 2 means gathering up to 100 people is allowed. Although the Avatar crew is far outnumbered by that number, as long as they comply with the rules of social segregation, production continues with safety precautions in place, according to Variety. Luckily, James Cameron’s blockbuster implementation won’t change significantly, even though safety protocols are applied to close-up shots including fight or intimacy. Avatar 2 allowed 400 locals to return to work in June. Obviously, keeping the film industry active is important for some factions within the New Zealand government.

This is also important for Hollywood. Due to the complicated situation in the United States, movies and television series are looking for new locations to shoot. Recently, Avatar’s official Twitter account has just announced more behind-the-scenes images, proving that the filming is still going on. However, it is not clear how long it will last if the New Zealand government fails to control the epidemic.

If nothing changes, Avatar 2 will hit theaters on December 16, 2022.