Dua Lipa puts on an edgy display in sizzling ELLE shoot

Dua Lipa puts on an edgy display in sizzling ELLE shoot

Dua Lipa has 'made the most' of being in lockdown with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid during the coronavirus pandemic. Th...

Dua Lipa has 'made the most' of being in lockdown with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid during the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer, 24, said it's been 'really nice' being able to spend so much time with her beau while they isolate together in the UK as she graced the cover of ELLE's August edition.

Dua added that she hopes the 'little break' that's come from living in lockdown will inspire others to be more considerate of the environment. 


Dua and Anwar have been holed in a 'random Airbnb' in London, after returning home from her Australian tour to find her flat flooded, and the singer told ELLE she's enjoyed being able to spend so much time with him.

She said: 'We've made the most of the situation. I'd probably have been planning to go on tour, and thinking about when we'd be able see each other. Having all that extra time was really nice. We're trying to see the bright side.'

Dua added that she's trying to focus on the positives despite the bleak climate, as the UK slowly emerges from lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis.


She added: 'It felt like, while we were taking a break, we were also taking a break from what we're doing to our Earth. 

'And it was nice to kind of see it almost replenishing a little bit every morning while people weren't really going out in their cars as much and staying inside. 

'I think everything's kind of taken a breather. It's difficult to think of upsides when there has been so much suffering. 

'But we have to try to stay positive, and see the connection that we have with other people; calling our friends and our family and spending a little bit of time outside in the sunshine.'  


Dua added that she hopes being in the midst of a global crisis will inspire others to be kinder to the planet, saying: 'I think our world is probably going to change forever. 

'I think we'll probably tread differently with Mother Nature; we probably won't be as careless as we have been in the past. I think we'll be more empathetic. I think we'll make moments count. We won't take things for granted. 

'Hopefully we get some good lessons out of it, and out of this time. Maybe we will see a major positive outcome come from this, though sadly on the basis that so many lives will have been lost.'

In March Dua released her second album Future Nostalgia, which she wrote in just two weeks during a trip to Jamaica.

She said: 'Every song gave us a new emotion. I made the album with my friends, and there was no pressure. It was all about letting loose. 

'If we weren't able to write songs, we'd order doughnuts, and get really high on sugar and then write a song like Levitating.' 

The songstress also spoke about how she attempts to present female equality through her single Boys Will Be Boys.


She added: 'I often will speak up about female equality, especially in the workplace, but this song is talking about the personal experiences and growing pains of what it's like to be a woman. 

'I've spoken to my friends, and they've all done the same things, whether it's holding keys between your knuckles or pretending you're on the phone while walking alone at night. 

'We've all tried to avoid confrontation, or worn something we didn't really want to wear in order to protect ourselves.'