Protests are continuing across the country for the sixth day after unarmed black man George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis by ex-police officer Derek Chauvin. Ariana Grande posted Sunday to Twitter after joining the peaceful protest the day before in Beverly Hills. She posted some photos of the crowd, writing: ”Hours and miles of peaceful protesting yesterday that got little to no coverage.

And Hollywood is taking note, as celebrities use their platforms to give a voice to the Black Lives Matter movement while joining in demonstrations.

All throughout beverly hills and west hollywood we chanted, people beeped and cheered along. we were passionate, we were loud, we were loving. cover this too please. #BLACKLIVESMATTER


Some of her followers responded with candid snaps taken of the Thank U, Next Ariana Grande artist marching with a cardboard sign. Lizzo took to Instagram with information for a sit-in protest happening Monday in Los Angeles, reading: ”We demand an end to police brutality and racial discrimination.

Nina Dobrev also joined the protests in Los Angeles, where she was accompanied by rumored beau Shaun White.

Ariana Grande posted photos and videos showing a heavy police presence and crowds of protestors chanting ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘I can’t breathe’ and ‘hands up, don’t shoot.’


The Vampire Diaries star wrote: ”I’m shook. Yesterday was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I witnessed things yesterday afternoon that I’ve only ever seen in movies.

‘I live in the epicenter of West Hollywood where the peaceful protest quickly took a turn. I’m sad it became violent, but the violence didn’t begin yesterday. It’s been present for generations.”


What happened to George Floyd wasn’t an isolated incident. It’s a systemic problem that is now being filmed. Even if any of you feel as though all you are seeing are posts about the horrendous injustice, it pales in comparison to what the energy felt like being on the streets and there can never be too large of a light shone upon the truth.

Leslie Jordan posted a video to his Instagram, announcing that he’s letting a special guest take over his profile. 


He said: ”I’m heartbroken by these times and what’s happening in our country. But now is not a time for me to be talking, but rather I need to listen.

Sean ”Diddy” Combs shared a quote to his Instagram: ”Be sure not to interrupt America’s Karma right now. 400 years of it.

Jameela Jamil shared a statement calling out law enforcement: “America is being destroyed and burned down. The National Guard is at war with civilians.