The photos were revealed by Dispatch that WINNER member Song Min Ho visited a club in Yangyang, Gangwon Province during social distance, the management company officially apologized.


On May 12, YG Entertainment said, “We have confirmed that Song Min Ho recently vacationed with some of his acquaintances as a personal outing. We would like to apologize for causing many people concerns. In light of this recent event, we promise to become more aware and take further precautions to ensure that our artists follow proper social distancing guidelines and personal preventative measures.”


Earlier, on May 3, a media reported that Min Ho had visited Club A in Yangyang and randomly performed his hit song, “Fiancé“. According to the report, Club A opened 1 month ago and also operates a shuttle bus service between Seoul and Yangyang. It is known that when he appeared suddenly, people were rushing to.

Club A said: “Song Min Ho visited the club suddenly and this is not an official invitation for the purpose of the concert.” However, the day Song Min Ho visited the club was still in a period of social distance, so it was hard to avoid criticism, the management company apologized through the official stance.

Previously, Park Gyu Ri (former Kara member) also went to Itaewon Club on May 2 where someone was confirmed to be positive for COVID-19.