In the latest pictorial released through the May issue of THE STAR magazine, Lee Hangyul exudes a sexy vibe under the concept ‘I’M RED’.


In the released photos, Lee Hangyul showed off his own deadly charm by sometimes looking intensely at the camera with minimal styling, and sometimes showing a pure innocent face. Especially on the set, he took different poses for each cut and enthusiastically took part in the shoot, demonstrating his talent as a ‘photographer’.


In a short interview after the shooting, Hangyul expressed his feelings about having the first solo pictorial, “I thought I wanted to do a photo shoot alone one day, but I’m happy to start it with THE STAR.”

Regarding his duo H&D‘s recently released debut mini album ‘Soulmate’, he explained cheerfully, “From exciting songs to sad songs to cool songs, there are many fun elements in various genres,” adding, “There’s a lyric from the title track ‘Soul’ that says ‘Take out your dead soul’ and you might see my real soul coming out on stage.”

Then, when asked what he thinks is his biggest attraction, the singer replied, “I’m totally different from what I usually look like on stage. I can express various things on stage, from cool to sexy images, but in normal life I look easy-going and carefree.”

Hangyul has a high percentage of fans in their 20s and older. In response to this matter, he said with a smile., “In the past, the percentage of [fans in their] 30s and 40s was really high, and there were times when people in their 40s accounted for 70% to 80%,” adding, “I think I have a rich charm. I’m always thankful because I think everything is the reason why my fans like me.”

As Lee Hangyul has gone through two reality shows (‘The Unit’ and ‘Produce X 101‘) and group activities, he was asked why he kept challenging idols and singers even though it’s hard. The idol said confidently, “I don’t think I’ve achieved my dream yet, so I’m trying more. Just because it’s over now doesn’t mean everything is over. I think I should go as far as I can and I believe in myself.”


Finally, about the happiest moment since his debut, Hangyul answered frankly, “There are people who keeps supporting me. Thanks to such support, I want to continue to be active and do everything.”

Lee Hangyul’s pure and deadly fashion pictorial and straightforward interviews, as well as videos of his photoshoot and dance improvisation, can be found in the May issue of THE STAR, ‘THE STAR Mobile’ and on their official YouTube channel.