Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Sung Woong will be having a showdown in the upcoming episode of “Rugal.”

The OCN drama centers around the conflict between special organization Rugal, which turns humans into weapons using biotechnology, and the terror organization Argos.


Choi Jin Hyuk plays the role of Kang Ki Bum, a police detective who loses his wife and both his eyes and is given a pair of bionic eyes by Rugal so that he can pursue revenge. Meanwhile, Park Sung Woong takes on the role of Hwang Deuk Goo, the ultimate villain behind Argos.

In the last episode, Rugal wiped out Hwang Deuk Goo’s secret research center. Hwang Deuk Goo felt a mix of anger as well as a strong sense of pleasure that drove him to go face-to-face with Kang Ki Bum. A few days later, Goo Won Bong’s (Yoo Hyung Kwan) false confession was reported on the news and Hwang Deuk Goo’s warning went live.


Behind the report that the government and police pushed for human weaponization through biological experiments was Kang Ki Bum, who was serving a prison term as a murder suspect. On top of that, Hwang Deuk Goo threatened to cause terrorism unless Kang Ki Bum showed up at a set time and place. Eventually, Kang Ki Bum went to meet Hwang Deuk Goo in person at an empty studio.

The newly released stills foreshadow an intense battle between Kang Ki Bum and Hwang Deuk Goo. Kang Ki Bum is dressed in a formal police suit, which shows his strong will to fight against Hwang Deuk Goo’s criminal activities. Hwang Deuk Goo, whose anger has reached its peak, is threatening Kang Ki Bum with a gun.